Musk is trying to fix Cybertruck’s reputation. He wanted to prove his bulletproofness by having him shot from a bow


Musk is trying to fix Cybertruck’s reputation. He wanted to prove his bulletproofness by having him shot from a bow

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Technically speaking, it’s shooting, but do you know a car that couldn’t withstand an arrow shot from an apparently flexible material? In short, it was once again fun at Joe Rogan’s, even if Musk exchanged the joint for a cigar.

Just a few months ago, it seemed that the Cybertruck would become a car that would break the sales statistics. Millions of people were supposed to reserve the electric pick-up, and Tesla hit the jackpot with it despite many critical responses. But as soon as not only prototypes, but also production cars began to appear on American roads, it became apparent that all that glitters is not gold. The steel body resulted in an insane weight, as the two-engine version should weigh roughly 3.6 tons, while the three-engine version even surpasses the four-ton mark. With us, you wouldn’t even have the opportunity to drive such a car with a regular passenger driver’s license.

However, that was only part of the problem. Any dirt, as well as any inaccuracy, can be seen from a distance on unpainted steel. At the same time, Tesla has quality problems like no other, and body alignment was one of its weakest points. A number of people thus had to deal with, for example, a poorly fitted trunk lid, which caused it to leak inside. Because of this, there would certainly be a refusal to take over in many cases, however, the varnish managed to mask the problem to a certain extent. Despite the fact that its quality was also poor.

However, as we mentioned, the Cybertruck is not painted, instead people will only be able to count on the universal shade of that unpainted steel. However, it only enhances any inaccuracy. One cannot be surprised at Elon Musk’s appeal for Tesla employees to work with a precision of a few microns next time. However, Musk probably realized too late that such a thing is actually impossible in the automotive industry, and there are clearly more production problems. This is also why the head of the car company says that Tesla has dug its own grave with the Cybertruck.

All of this has somewhat damaged the car’s reputation, so now Musk is trying to fix it. The steel body also helps him in this, which should make the car bulletproof. The company had to demonstrate this internally by emptying the entire magazine of the so-called Tommy gun, a Thompson submachine gun with a round magazine known from American gangsters, into the side of a pick-up truck. However, none of the 11.43 mm bullets were supposed to fly inside, which Musk let the world know via Twitter aka the X social network.

He repeated the same in the podcast of the popular Joe Rogan, where he did not appear for the first time, he even used marijuana in the show in the past. This time he stayed only with a cigar and, together with Rogan, started a discussion about the bulletproofness of the Cybertruck. “I bet I’ll go through,” Rogan said, noting that he wouldn’t use a machine gun against the pickup, but a bow with 35-gram arrows. “And I bet you don’t,” Musk countered, whereupon the two of them, like overgrown children, made their way over to the car to demonstrate its capabilities. But instead of a machine gun, Rogan reached for a bow and arrow.

True, it wasn’t a dozen bow and a dozen arrows, but looking at what was left of the ammunition, we’d bet other cars could withstand it. But even if not, and the Cybertruck managed to withstand a range of firearms, what does that mean? Any car can be bulletproof today, just add a few protective plates to it. The fact that they are not worn as standard is the intention of the manufacturers – they know that the higher the weight, the more energy you need to move it. And that’s why they try to make the body as light as possible.

However, electromobility is seen as a salvation, for which the high weight suddenly does not matter, even if in principle it still presents the same problem. That’s why Musk could decide to try to amaze the whole world with the help of steel and smart marketing. But so that instead of Tesla, he doesn’t start digging a grave for all of us…

Musk is trying to fix Cybertruck's reputation. He wanted to prove its bulletproofness by having it shot from a bow - 2 - Tesla Cybertruck 2019 official set 02Musk is trying to fix Cybertruck's reputation. He wanted to prove its bulletproofness by having it shot from a bow - 3 - Tesla Cybertruck 2019 official set 06
You can’t shoot Cybertuck with a bow and arrow, as you can see below. Well, thank you very much. Photo: Tesla

Source: PowerfulJRE@YouTube

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