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You can no longer block ads on YouTube. What are the options?


Advertising is an inherent part of our lives and for many web servers it is a key element of income that allows them to function at all, including However, some types of ads can be annoying to the user, and for this reason various applications have been created that block their display. They are widely used in connection with the YouTube platform, where subsequently no advertisements are displayed. However, this practice obviously violates the terms of service, and YouTube has been testing ad blocking restrictions on a small group of people for some time.

Displayed information in case the user wants to YouTube with ad blocking

But now there is a change. As reported by, YouTube has significantly expanded the number of users that ad blocking restrictions reach. Once you try to load YouTube with ad blocking, you will see an information page warning you that you may be blocking ads. The company reminds you that ad revenue helps all creators around the world and recommends that you either add YouTube to the exemption list, which will show the ads, or try YouTube Premium. Of course, this is charged, but you legally get rid of ads.

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