Porsche will make cars from greener steel


German carmaker Porsche has boasted that it plans to produce its sports cars from 2026 using low-emission steel, which Swedish company H2 Green Steel will start producing from 2025. Instead of conventional coking coal, it uses an innovative method for steel processing, working with hydrogen and electricity from renewable sources. CO emissions2 from steel processing should thus be lower by up to 95 percent.

However, the transition to greener steel will be a longer-term process. In the first year, Porsche, including some of its suppliers, plans to take a total of 35,000 tons of low-emission steel from H2 Green Steel, but last year alone, around 220,000 tons of steel were used to make the company’s cars.

The use of low-emission steel is another step by which the automaker wants to reduce CO emissions2 arising from the production of automobiles. In recent years, there has already been a reduction in the steel used for the production of cars, which is being replaced by aluminum. However, due to its very good mechanical properties, steel will continue to be one of the key components in the automotive industry.

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“Porsche aims for a carbon-neutral balance of its cars throughout the production chain by 2030. Steel with a reduced CO₂ content plays a key role in our sustainability strategy. With H2 Green Steel, we want to further reduce the CO₂ emissions caused by this important material,” said Barbara Frenkelová, member of the Porsche Board of Directors for purchasing.

Porsche is not the only company that has decided to bet on steel with lower production emissions. In the past, Volvo and Mercedes also decided to take the same step, with the first-named brand already using low-emission steel for the production of a semi-trailer intended for use in mines.

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