A dwelling in which you will not freeze during the winter, the car is centrally heated


Gone are the days when the caravanning season ended with the autumn cooling. become a caravanist, just change the wheels for lye and drive longer. To the west of our borders, they drank at the door, so the caravans stayed in the parking lots near the cable cars.

Just such a winter camping site represents a technical challenge for motorhome builders. Question: How to heat a house on wheels in a freezing alpine night? The crushing of the interior of the dwelling is carried out by the gases of the hot air heater combined with the heat of the water. Air ducts hot air distribution throughout the car.

Eura Mobil PRS 720 QF within earshot

  • length / hem / hem (cm): 757 / 232 / 300
  • interior height (cm): 197
  • engine: Fiat 2.2 MJet, 140 hp
  • chassis type: Fiat
  • curb weight (kg): 2995
  • weight (kg): 505
  • max. weight (kg): 3500
  • number of cars per ride: 4
  • poet revenge on span: 4
  • heating: hot water Alde
  • price of the tested car: 2,513,369 including VAT

Take your breaths as close to the floor as possible, because as you know from the Montgolfier brothers, the hot air rises very quickly. The final effect is that the tropics reign under the ceiling of the dwelling, where the feet of its inhabitants are constantly feeling the cold from the floor. You can put on a kind of ponoka and put on warm house shoes. Or look for another technical one.

Camper van manufacturers have it: build a double floor into the car, ideally with a heated intermediate space that eliminates the cold from the floor.

And then there is the medium-heat level. The Euro Mobil of the Profila range has been tested with this very gadget on board. In principle, it’s the same thing that most people know from their dwelling, but here the constructors put it in a motorhome. Under the floor of the car, around the walls, as well as in the garage, there are distribution systems for water heat and body heating. The radiators hide you even in the plinth of the open captain’s seats.

During winter camping, the entire interior of the car is heated evenly by the heat of the floor and an invisible thermal wall is created along the walls. There is an old boiler for heating media and preparing hot water for washing and showering. The manufacturer of this system is the Alde company. Those who know the Scandinavian way of winter camping will not be surprised by the birth of a hot water heater for caravanning in the countryside.

The Eura Mobil PRS 720 QF sits against the reindeer, which is popular in the afternoon.

A bathroom from a boutique hotel

The tested vehicle allows passengers to sleep. One pair put their heads in the trunk, which was separated from the rest of the car by two. The large king size bed (190 147 cm) is hydraulically adjustable. The system is human-powered (tote with a crank) and is adjusted from the garage. When you need a wheel bar inside, the bed goes up, when the fixed load is not so high and the floor wants more space above the head, the bed can be lowered.

For the second pair, there is a sofa set above the sofa set (dimensions: 193 140), which is the element behind the sales rush of semi-integrated cars, which have deposed the leader of the alcove family dwellings. Thanks to the chain link, semi-integrated cars have become spacious enough even for rear-end families, who until now had to choose either expensive integrated models or more alcoves, but I know their ailments. That is, with high consumption and poor driving characteristics, which is due to their age, explains motorhome expert Jan Bordovsk from the specialized Camperlife.cz server.

The layout of the space is conservative: between the living room with a TV in the TV and the living room, there is a kitchenette with a stove and a large refrigerator (142 l). The hygiene section follows: on the left in the direction of travel is a cubicle with a chemical toilet with a sink, on the right is a shower. If anything in the interior is not conservative, it is the shower. Here, the designers played with an enlightened style, which would not fit well with the established German characters. The combination of black cladding material and the color play of LED light is captivating and not even any stone hotel would be ashamed of it.

Eura Mobil PRS 720 QF with a refined one separate shower corner.

Fiat that spoiled the victim

The technical base is the Fiat Ducato, the uncrowned king of motorhomes. The test vehicle was spoiled with a new digital cockpit and additional equipment, which included, among other things, automatic air conditioning in the cabin, to cover the steering wheel and gear shift knobs. There was also a reversing camera, which is practically a necessity for such a large car.

A 2.2-liter Fiat diesel engine was working under the hood. The engine was tuned to 140 hp and moved the front axle with the help of an automatic transmission, which the Italian constructors succeeded. Even for motorhomes, pay according to the rule that has established itself on the automobile market: m dra vz, which is represented by an automatic.

The popularity of automatic transmissions is growing, every year the number in their favor increases. People are used to it from passenger cars, so they want to have the same transmission in their motorhome as well, explains Vladimr Zhorec from Caravan Center Morava, according to which the trend is moving towards automatic transmission as standard equipment. At least for the more luxurious models.

From a caravanning point of view, it’s a lot: 505 kilograms. Such a high tolerance of the seller uvd for the tested car. In a dwelling with a total length of seven and a half meters, which is also equipped with a hot water heating system, this is a phenomenon in spades.

The Eura Mobil Profila RS 720 QF is a full-ton semi-integrated motorhome, with which the whole family does not have to go even on a trip across the North Pole to northern Scandinavia.

Eura Mobil PRS 720 QF general view of a semi-integrated dwelling from a German manufacturer.

Caravaning Brno 2023

For housing in Brno

From Friday, November 3, the Caravaning Brno 2023 fair will take place at the Brno fair. The twenty-year jubilee flight occupied not only the two largest pavilions P and F, but also hall G1. This pavilion, called Adventure Hall, will be prepared especially for newcomers, who like to travel outside the comfort of the campsite and you like to adjust your pole to suit individual needs. We observed this trend in the past, and that is why we decided to support it, explained the manager of the building, Simona Kekov. According to them, the offer of traditional motorhomes and caravans in the summer year will be visibly divided into off-road caravans, mini-caravans, built-ins, built-ins and the ever popular wall of motorhomes.

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