The legendary restaurant in the Czech Republic immediately closed. Horrendous scenes took place there

The legendary restaurant in the Czech Republic immediately closed. Horrendous scenes took place there
The legendary restaurant in the Czech Republic immediately closed. Horrendous scenes took place there

Anyone who has ever seen the early episodes of the show Yes, boss, surely remembers how it looked in most Czech restaurants sometime around 2006. On the so-called “plaza” it was still going as it was, but as soon as one entered the kitchen, where the ordinary eye of a diner could not see, he found himself in a completely different world. There was usually dirt, mess, expired food and so on everywhere.

First, look in the kitchen

After some time, however, it seemed that the restaurateurs started looking at this and watching the kitchens. After all, when people saw this, they largely lost their illusions about getting quality service from such establishments. What kind of food can come out of a messy kitchen? Visiting such a pub is literally a huge risk, especially if you go there as a family with children.

Despite the general improvement, there are still restaurants, and very well-known ones, that completely ignore any hygiene requirements and continue to eat in the 1990s fashion. The main thing is that they make their work easier and don’t overwork themselves. After all, the guests can’t see into the kitchen, so why would we tidy up there, right?

Fortunately, in this regard, Zdeňk Pohlreich was recently replaced by the State Agricultural and Food Inspection, which conducts regular inspections in restaurants. Unfortunately, not a week goes by without her pointing out really serious missteps. And this time it concerns a truly famous establishment, which is the Starosuchdolská restaurant in Prague, which is run by Smíchovská restaurační group s.r.o.

Mold and mouse droppings. The kitchen of the Starosuchdolská restaurant was literally pierced by this. / Photo: Food on a pillion

How could it have happened?

Our inspectors discovered, among other things, the presence of mouse droppings in the kitchen. In view of the unacceptable hygienic conditions, we have imposed a complete ban on the use of the premises to the inspected person,” stated the State Agricultural and Food Inspection in its report. “The SZPI inspectors found the presence of rodent excrement and traces of their action in the kitchen, specifically under work tables and shelves or in the space behind the equipment. In addition, visible mold was forming inside the cooling devices themselves.

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It’s truly unbelievable what some restaurateurs can afford today. The restaurant was temporarily closed so that the owner could make repairs. That seems to have happened, but it’s fair to ask whether he can maintain cleanliness when it’s clearly not among his basic habits.

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