the industrial sector is in free fall

the industrial sector is in free fall
the industrial sector is in free fall

The value of 42.0 points in June was a little better than 41.7 points, but the market consensus suggested a more significant improvement to 42.4 points. The catch in any case is that the Czech PMI index is very far below the critical threshold of 50 points, which separates economic expansion from economic recession in the industrial sector.

As for the details of this report, the continued decline in the Czech industrial sector was driven by a further decline in actual industrial production and a decline in new industrial orders. The number of employees in the Czech industrial sector thus decreased, at the second fastest pace since June 2020. As for the outlook of Czech industrial enterprises for the following year, their outlook is currently quite weak, with the majority of Czech industrial enterprises on the horizon of five 12 msc zasad zljepno neokv. At the same time, there is a noticeable weakness on the part of foreign demand, with the fact that new orders from foreign business partners have dropped so sharply.

All in all, this annual economic report clearly illustrates the very significant current weakness of the Czech economy, with the fact that the very significant decline of the Czech economy in the fifth year of 2024 is decided to be excluded.

Michal Stupavsk, investment strategist Conseq Investment Management as

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