Liberty Walk has tuned out the latest Zetko. The sporty Nissan Z refers to the past


The Japanese from Liberty Walk present a frenzied adaptation of the latest “Zetka”. The sporty Nissan Z takes inspiration from its predecessor from the sixties and amazes petrol enthusiasts with its extreme retro design.

Japanese specialists in extreme styling inspired by the cult of “bosozoku” present their latest venture. The tuners at Liberty Walk from the land of the rising sun threw themselves into improving the latest successor to the legendary Nissan sports cars. They are newly introducing the new Nissan Z, attracting attention with a unique retro design with furious curves.

Liberty Walk presents a bodykit for the latest “son”, which is inspired by the popular modifications of the original Nissan Fairlady Z from the late 1960s. The Nissan Z is now wider, overall flatter and has a more aggressive rear. Undoubtedly, it will impress with the distinctive contrasting edges of the fenders, which hide the iconic Japanese RS Watanabe wheels.

The elegant rear is then dominated by an unmistakable spoiler and a pair of larger exhaust tips. The tuners managed to find an interesting contrasting color specification, which they complement with historical stickers of the Prince Motorist Club Sports, Advan or NGK. At the same time, they did not forget about the cabin, where a pair of sporty Bride shell seats is newly appearing.

Liberty Walk says it is selling the new bodykit as a six-piece. We can already see from the official photos that it actually consists of several parts. At a minimum, they are the front part, hood, four fender edges, spoiler and rear part.

The basic price of the complete Liberty Walk body kit for the new Nissan Z starts at 215,000 crowns for the variant made of plastic reinforced with glass fibers, while the more advanced set made of CFRP carbon composite costs 267,000 crowns. Smaller sets without wide fenders are also available – standard for 152,000 crowns and carbon for 203,000 crowns.

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