Without a tip, you can wait longer for your food, the delivery service has told customers


The company DoorDash announced in the summer that it would give its drivers the opportunity to work for a minimum hourly wage, so that they would not be dependent only on remuneration for individual deliveries, but since the beginning of this year it has also been testing the possibility of tipping drivers.

Apparently, however, this move did not turn out to be very profitable, so the company has now added a warning to its app that there is an option to tip, and that without it, the order may take longer to reach the customer.

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It’s still a test mode in some areas of the United States and Canada, but customers aren’t too enthusiastic about this new app feature. The reason is simple: they are supposed to tip in advance for a service that hasn’t even taken place yet.

The company justifies this by the fact that although customers have mostly tipped up until now, orders without it were understandably perceived as less attractive among delivery people. At the same time, she stated that the drivers keep the tip in full.

Tipping is not a delivery charge

This was also pointed out by Carolyn Jones from Dallas, who has been driving for DoorDash for almost ten years. According to her, the majority of customers still think that delivery people receive the entire delivery fee.

She also stated that some rides are not very rewarding for drivers. Last week she said she waited twenty minutes for the food to be prepared and then took it to the customer for another ten minutes. She earned four dollars from the company and three dollars was tipped by the customer. But last year, for example, she spent 22 minutes on one delivery, DoorDash only gave her $2.25 for it, and she didn’t get a tip.

“I just hope people understand that we’re providing a service. We bring the food to you and it’s usually still warm,” the New York Times quoted Carolyn Jones as saying.

DoorDash assures that tipping will still be possible, but added that since their introduction there has been a significant decrease in orders that do not include any reward for the delivery person.

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