The water from the tap can get pretty scalding. Look at what you’re actually drinking. It’s quite a force

The water from the tap can get pretty scalding. Look at what you’re actually drinking. It’s quite a force
The water from the tap can get pretty scalding. Look at what you’re actually drinking. It’s quite a force

Water makes up 2/3 of our body, so it is very important that we stay hydrated. Drinking the necessary amount of water benefits our heart, skin, better mood and gives us energy. The benefits of a drinking regime have already been described many times.

Tap water contains hormones

The tap water in our country is safe and the water companies pay a lot of attention to its treatment. The water from the tanks is gradually subjected to the process of filtration, screening, aeration and disinfection. Nevertheless it fails to rid it of trace amounts of antibiotics, contraceptive hormones, pesticides, analgesics or drugs. Sometimes it also smells like chlorine.

It then travels to our homes through pipelines, which can also negatively affect its final taste. Therefore, not everyone likes tap water.

Bottled versus tap

Many people solve this situation by buying bottled water. Someone because they don’t like the faucet, others don’t believe that it didn’t come into contact with contaminants during the entire process.

There is a large amount of bottled water on the market. From clean to strongly sparkling. The prevailing opinion is that bottled water is safe. But no one cares that it doesn’t have to be fresh. In its plastic packaging, it could have been in storage for a long time. And perhaps at the same time she was experiencing all kinds of temperature jumps, which probably did not benefit her quality.

So if you are one of those who prefer to buy water, try to think about getting a filter kettle. It will definitely pay off. Bottled water is not cheap, regardless of the amount of plastic we pollute the planet with.

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The solution is filtration

The filter kettle removes limescale from the water. This can lead to the formation of air bubbles in the water, which in turn contribute to abdominal pain. It also removes the chlorine used for disinfection. Its amount in water is really small, but if you eliminate even that, it will only benefit your health.

Filtered water tastes and smells much better, it is free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and all sediments. It will strengthen your immune system as it helps flush out toxins and other impurities from the body. It does not burden the kidneys, which are crucial in removing waste from our body.

Stop spending money on bottled water and start filtering it. You will get clean water with an excellent taste and you will save money in the long run. Modern filters can filter up to 150 l of water.

Have you heard of binchotan?

You can also buy binchotan sticks in stores today. You it enriches the water with calcium, magnesium and potassium and at the same time removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals from it. It is a 100% natural product, made from oak wood. Before the 1st use, you simply boil the binchotan and then put it in a glass container with water, where you let it work for several hours.

You can always add water. After about 3 months, wash the stick with a brush and water and boil again. This will prepare the stick for further use. It will last you about ½ year and you can then use it as an odor absorber or fertilizer for flowers.

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