Mazda MX-5 is not going to retire, it will offer several special editions


The fourth-generation Mazda MX-5, internally referred to as the ND, was officially introduced in 2014, so next year it will already be 10 years old. However, he is definitely not going to retire, on the contrary. In the future, it could be the longest produced version of the iconic Japanese roadster with renowned driving characteristics.

In an interview with Australian magazine CarsGuide, Shigeki Saito, manager of the Mazda MX-5 production program, indicated that the automaker wants to keep the ND model alive as long as possible. In addition, Saito indicated that the premiere of the new generation MX-5 will not be a hot topic for some time. “We don’t have a specific time frame,” Saito said.

The reason why the brand is not in too much of a hurry with the new generation may be quite obvious. The new generation MX-5 will no longer avoid electrification, which could pose a problem in the traditional emphasis on low weight. The brand will probably wait for new batteries, which will be smaller and lighter, before introducing an electrified or electric version of the MX-5.

But it certainly doesn’t mean that she doesn’t notice the model in the meantime. After all, a modernized version of the MX-5, internally referred to as the ND3, was recently introduced in Japan. But the work on the roadster does not end there. Saito revealed that the automaker is considering some cool special editions, but he did not provide more details about them.

Special editions are not unusual in the history of the MX-5 model. From the recent past, we can recall, for example, the bright orange MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition, but in the past the automaker also celebrated 10, 20 or 25 years of production, the second generation model in the Mazdaspeed edition added supercharging, etc.

In the case of the fourth generation, we can expect a special model for the anniversary of 10 years on the market, which could arrive in 2014, ten years from the premiere, or in 2015, i.e. ten years before the start of sales. At the same time, modifications to the model within special editions could take many forms.

“We would like to do everything we can to take advantage of ND because we think that ND has very high potential, so we would like to do our best – whatever we can,” said Shigeki Saito.

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