Bread for 169 crowns enraged shoppers


photo: Bob Asher, of the Zrno Zrnko assortment

A few days ago, published an interview with Ondřej Kuchař, co-owner of the craft bakery Zrno Zrnko. We talked mainly about the woes of doing business. “Our state is overregulated. Before you go through all the bureaucratic barriers, you lose time and money,” Kuchař told the server.

We mentioned the prices of the range only marginally.

“The demand for quality pastries and bread is also growing. The advantage of good food is that once you taste it, you don’t want to eat the bad food again. If you are constantly buying bread in chains, it will seem normal to you. Then one day you have good bread that is only made from kvass and is baked slowly and in a good oven. You will suddenly find that it tastes better, that it lasts longer, does not go moldy and that you feel better after it because it is more digestible. For our main bread, we managed to fine-tune the recipe so that it is tasty and at the same time does not impose that basic taste. Our customers are the proof that we succeeded. Today, we have fifty restaurants and hotels where we deliver ‘something’ and bread,” Ondřej Kuchař told the editors.

Above all, these words of his caused considerable resentment among some readers. We received a number of angry reactions to the editorial e-mail.

Businessman Ondřej Kuchař. Photo:

How dare you!

“How dare you give space to a person who slowly wants two hundred for bread? And let him see how terrible the state is!” wrote a certain Petr Hlava. “I was at his place in Nuslí and I left immediately, it’s a shop for the top few dozen people,” said Jitka V. from Prague 4. Similar to Ondřej Klotz. “Terribly expensive. Terrible. The gentleman complains about the state’s prices, I would immediately kick him out of my house for this, to rent there,” he wrote.

The rest of the reactions were vulgar.

Our editors were taken aback by similarly sharp outbursts. We therefore looked in detail at the prices.

The bakery Zrno Zrnko does not sell bread for two hundred crowns. The most expensive is for 169 crowns. This is 1.25 kilograms of rye bread. A half (625 grams) costs 99 crowns. Large artisan bread costs 130 crowns and Šumava 95 crowns. Toast bread with kvass and spelled flour will cost a customer 69 crowns for 540 grams.

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