Unique F&F Hobbs and Shaw tow truck for sale: Combination truck and SUV


A special tow truck with the cabin of an American truck and the technology of a family SUV from The Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw is for sale. It’s surprisingly cheap, and damn cool!

The extremely successful Hollywood film series has had a significant impact on the automotive world in the past. It started the petrolhead love for tuning and illegal street racing and significantly influenced the cult status of today’s collector cars, such as the Dodge Charger, Nissan Skyline GT-R or Toyota Supra. However, famous films also featured unique specials, which we subsequently forgot about. One of them can now be yours, and it’s pretty darn cool!

Do you remember the 2019 spin-off Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw? In it, Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) team up to fight Brixton Lorem (Idris Elba) who is bent on exterminating half of humanity. In one of the action scenes of this blockbuster movie, a fascinating tow truck with the typical face of an American trucker appeared. The Peterbilt tractor cab special is now for sale.

The unique conversion is based on the chassis of an American SUV called the Chevrolet Suburban, and under the cab of the tractor from 1966 we find a traditional atmospheric 6.2-liter LS3 eight-cylinder gasoline engine with 525 horsepower and more than 550 newton meters. In the movie, that’s enough for him to have a pair of tough guys try to bring down the main villain’s Black Hawk helicopter with him.

At the same time, the car’s technical specification reveals that the special movie tow truck has independently suspended wheels, a fully adjustable sports suspension and a three-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive. In addition, the seller adds that it is approved for road traffic even in strict California, where it undoubtedly attracts a lot of attention.

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A unique movie trailer from The Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw appeared for sale on the American auction site Bring a Trailer and will soon find a new owner. You can follow the result of the auction on the official website, and for now we can only add that the Chevrolet tow truck with a Peterbilt cab is surprisingly cheap.

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