Facebook is changing. The operator proceeded to do what he was afraid of


The company Meta has made a previously announced change – it has introduced the option of a paid version for Facebook and Instagram without ads for Europe. It is a way to meet the strict rules of personal data protection set by the European Union. Users can use paid versions from November 1.

Meta announced its intention to introduce a paid version without ads and a free one with ads on its website at the end of October. The company explained its move by saying that it was responding to European regulations.

“Meta will offer people in the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland the option to pay a monthly subscription to use Facebook and Instagram without any ads. Alternatively, they can continue to use these services for free while still seeing ads that are relevant to them,” the company said .

Users have now begun to see messages that the social network needs information from them regarding advertisements. If they decide for the paid version, they will pay 245 crowns (9.99 euros) per month when paying on the website, and about 320 crowns (12.99 euros) when paying in iOS and Android systems. Amounts vary due to Apple and Google fees.

​Until March 1 next year, the subscription will apply to all linked accounts on Facebook and Instagram, after this date a fee of about 147 crowns (6 euros) will be added for each additional account when paying on the website and 197 crowns (8 euros) mobile payment.

The company decided to make this change after the European authorities banned the company from its previous access to the data of its users. Until now, it used this information to target ads without their explicit consent, the consent was only part of the terms of use. But the authorities decided that, according to the rules of the European Union for the protection of personal data, Meta must first obtain the consent of the users on how their data is used, the BBC recalled.

Advertising campaigns

According to the company, the new function is a compromise that balances the demands of regulators and users who want to continue using Meta services for free and don’t mind advertising.

“If you choose to continue using our products for free, your environment will remain the same — and that experience will continue to be supported by the tools and settings we’ve built to put people in control of their ads,” the company said.

Advertisers will thus continue to be able to continue running personalized advertising campaigns in Europe and will be able to reach those who choose to use the free version of Facebook.

An ad-free subscription is available for people over 18 years of age. Meta said it continues to investigate how to provide teenagers with a useful and responsible ad environment in light of current privacy regulations.

Meta has already launched a paid version without ads | Source: Facebook

​Meta received a record fine. It was sending the data of Europeans to the US:


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