The Cybertruck saddled by Tesla’s chief designer is a real scumbag, the body parts don’t fit him by inches


The Cybertruck saddled by Tesla’s chief designer is a real scumbag, the body parts don’t fit him by inches

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Photo: Tesla

This is something incredible. If we consider how much Tesla has been criticized for years for low-quality production, one would expect such a striking car from a person from the company’s top management to care about its production, but it will necessarily be the center of attention. It didn’t happen, it’s an incredible scam.

A micrometer or micron is a unit of the metric system that is a thousand times smaller than a millimeter. If you would like to get a clearer idea, take an average human hair in your hand – its thickness is about 70 microns. So it means that we are talking about a physical unit that you cannot even see with the naked eye. It is used to determine dimensions mainly in electronics, namely for integrated circuits or microchips. In the case of the automotive industry, only the thickness of individual paint layers is measured in microns.

But Elon Musk apparently has no idea about such a thing. And that is why he is appealing to employees to produce the upcoming Cybertruck with an accuracy of less than 10 microns. However, this is not possible with an electric pick-up, if only because of the chosen materials. The body of the car is made of steel, which naturally has a certain thermal expansion. However, it is calculated in millimetres, not in thousandths of them. Add to that Tesla’s notorious quality issues and you have to ask yourself: How does this company want to make a car with 10 micron accuracy?

The answer is unsurprisingly: Nothing. Tesla herself proves it with the car she made available to chief designer Franz von Holzhausen. We already showed you this yesterday, he brought it to Malibu last weekend for the Cars and Coffee event, but from the first shots, almost nothing else was visible except for the matte black color. Colleagues from Inside EVs, however, photographed it in detail and it hardly leaves a person alone. Is this supposed to be an almost production car that the chief designer dares to take to an event where it will inevitably become the center of attention? For God’s sake, does anyone else at Tesla have any sense?

Even staunch fans of the brand, who are more or less used to the various joints between individual body panels, were horrified by the quality of the assembly of this car. But as you can already see from the photo collage below, with Cybertruck comes a whole new level of bad quality. It doesn’t matter which part of the car you’re looking at, you’ll always find some irritating detail. After all, we can start with the black surface itself. As we already mentioned, it’s not about the paint, it’s about the foil. However, it was glued extremely unevenly, so unsmoothed bubbles or loose corners are visible in various places. In addition, the given shade only accentuates the visible joints between the individual panels. It is probably most noticeable on the back, where the side parts exceed the central parts by perhaps even more than one centimeter.

However, the inaccuracies are absolutely everywhere, in addition, it is necessary to point out again the childish design, which should incite American politicians to at least some action. Not only one person hides behind the front post at the crossing, but the entire crowd. The rearward view is also lousy when the body cover is extended, besides that we have a whole series of very sharp edges and angles. Add to that the insane weight, which would already require a truck driver’s license in our country.

Putting the Cybertruck into operation in this form can bring many unpleasant surprises. Just as it was brought about by von Holzhausen taking the thus assembled specimen to a meeting full of enthusiasts. That was almost a crazy decision. Where was he looking? And what did he expect? From a person who should already be an esthete by virtue of his profession, this is almost careless.

The automaker anticipates that it will initially produce 125,000 units per year, before production doubles. The question is whether such a thing will happen. Especially after Tesla significantly changed its pricing policy and doesn’t even count on the base for the proclaimed USD 40,000 (approx. CZK 918,000). Instead, customers will have to pay more than 100 thousand dollars (CZK 2,295,000). At such a moment, however, their tolerance for ailments does not have to be calculated to microns, it can easily be zero.

The Cybertruck ridden by Tesla's chief designer is a real scumbag, the body parts don't match it by a centimeter - 2 - Tesla Cybertruck 2019 official set 02The Cybertruck ridden by Tesla's chief designer is an unreal scumbag, the body parts don't match him by perhaps a centimeter - 3 - Tesla Cybertruck 2019 official set 06
Judging by the example that the company’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, brought to a public meeting of car enthusiasts, it seems that the Cybertruck will be a symbol of a new level of poor quality. However, just look at a few shots below. Photo: Tesla

Source: Inside EVs

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