Press and go! BMW is preparing a special button for its electric sports cars


BMW wants to care about electric sports cars and is working on things to make them fun things to do.

The time when the majority of “emk” models from BMW will be powered by electricity is approaching inexorably. It has already been confirmed by the head of product development of the company, Frank Weber, that the next generation of the legendary M3 model will offer a purely electric version in addition to the combustion variants.

This historical milestone is to come in 2027, and the car manufacturer from Bavaria is doing everything to ensure that the electric sports car does not embarrass the M3 designation. One of the conveniences that should move the electric M3 to a higher level is the “Push-to-Pass” technology.

BMW’s goal is to produce an electric car that is not only efficient and sustainable, but also fun and full of emotions. This technology is supposed to help with this, when you use a paddle or a button to contribute to a rapid increase in torque. On the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization, this system was found, where with the boost mode, the driver will experience a sharp acceleration instead of the normal smooth acceleration.

In combination with this, the automaker plans to integrate special sound effects that will support the acceleration effect. To make the transition to the “Push-to-Pass” function even more noticeable, BMW limits the torque in normal driving modes and unlocks its full potential only when using the mentioned function.

BMW believes that in this way it is going against users who criticize electric cars and do not even want to hear about other than combustion sports models from the German automaker. In other words, Frank Weber admits that they won’t do much with the electric car in terms of sound, but in terms of technology, they want to convince that EV makes sense in sports models.

For now, though, it might feel a bit like a marketing gimmick where BMW limits the car’s standard output so that you can then unlock its full potential at a push of a button or a flick of a paddle for an extra charge. It seems that the automaker has a lot of work to do to convince its customers that the electric “emko” will be worth it.

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