Black Friday for the first time under new rules. What’s changing about the discount frenzy?


Since January of this year, an amendment to the Act on Consumer Protection and the Civil Code has been in effect, which orders traders to calculate discounts from the lowest price of the product for the last 30 days.

In practice, it can no longer happen that sellers will raise the price of specific products in the short term before Black Friday, so that they can offer discounts of up to 90%. This should make it easier for people to navigate the individual offers in order to really find the most attractive discount.

Christmas sales are here. Stores are betting on discounts, people will choose more

Still, you have to be careful. Even though the discount may be in the order of several tens of percent, it may not be the most attractive offer on the market as a result. Shopping advisors, such as Zboží.cz from, help you find the cheapest goods.

On it, you just need to enter the name of the desired phone in the search engine, or refine the search with additional information, for example, whether the device is available for immediate pickup in the store or what color it is.

Seznam’s new advertising campaign tries to educate users that it is not the amount of the announced discount that is important, but the final price. “Zboží.cz thus positions itself as an advisor who will help find the most advantageous offer available on the Czech Internet,” said Karolína Chromíková, brand manager of the Zboží.cz service.

You can see the commercial in which animated household appliances come to life at the beginning of this article.

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Discounts must be calculated by sellers from the lowest price of the product in the last 30 days.

All that glitters is not gold

The winged saying also applies – all that glitters is not gold. The lowest price does not automatically equal the best offer. In many cases, the devices may not be intended for the Czech market, which can bring a whole range of problems.

For example, in the case of smartphones and tablets, merchants sometimes offer devices that do not contain the Czech language. They will then have to pay extra for its additional installation. Some models, on the other hand, are not intended for operation in domestic networks, so it may happen that you make a call with the phone, but you do not start fast internet.

Therefore, before buying similar phones, it is always advisable to properly “tap” the seller. This is possible on Zboží.cz; visitors will find user reviews on it, in which people share their experiences with the product. They often draw attention to his ailments.

It’s not just a discount

However, traders also have other tricks, for which the laws are still short. Particular attention should be paid to the conditions of the event. For example, a full discount may only apply to selected goods, or you will only find a more attractive price tag on the second or third purchased product.

Therefore, it is always necessary to thoroughly study the conditions of the event so that you do not fall for the merchants.

Czechs deal with the expensive simply. They just won’t open their wallets

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