The main young man relies on his own disputes. He runs a pension

The main young man relies on his own disputes. He runs a pension
The main young man relies on his own disputes. He runs a pension

even after generations, expect that their lives will be the same in old age. The most pessimistic in this regard are people aged 36 to 53, where 55 percent of them believe that their life situation in retirement is a real dream. Get it out of the SOB survey.

The overall survey showed that the average life expectancy in retirement has significantly worsened this year compared to pre-Covid 2019. Whereas in 2019, 35 percent of those in the age groups of 36 and 53 thought that their life situation would not change upon retirement, today only 28 percent are convinced of this. In the oldest monitored groups (54 and 65 years old), there was no change in life expectancy at 32 percent, in 2019 it was 47 percent. In the youngest group of respondents, 34 percent of people said they would change their lives, compared to 39 percent a few years ago.

The intense concern of the 36 and 53-year-old generation about the future in retirement may stem from the fact that they have experience supporting their own relatives, even their ancestors. They are equally sensitive to the changes associated with the income reform and the security of themselves and their children, comments the data from the survey by Michaela Mdov, a researcher from the Center for the Study of Higher Education.

I’m on my own every day

He is very reluctant to rely on his relatives for support. Many people want to be taken care of. But Vtina wants to take care of her husband, and there will be hundreds, added Marcela Suchnkov, general editor of the SOB pension company.

For example, ten percent of people in the middle generation (36 and 53 years old) completely refuse financial support from their relatives, in the oldest group of respondents it is about those percentage points less.

About research

  • The survey examined the generational differences in perception and life in retirement among the following age groups: Young people (18 and 35 years old), middle generation (36 and 53) and old generation (54 and 65).
  • eten was implemented by SOB among 660 people.

The feeling that I can take care of myself whenever I can is not getting any weaker. While in 2020, almost half of the young generation wanted to take care of themselves in retirement, today only 39 percent of them do so in full. Among the middle generation, the number of people determined to take care of themselves dropped from 62 percent to 45, among the elderly from 70 percent to 53. Among the youngest, more often than in other generations, there is a tendency to spend in both public and private institutions.

Vtina I rely on stt

As for the financial security of the city, a lot of them will rely on the income they will receive from the city. Sixty percent of the oldest generation and almost half of the people who are now middle-aged fulfill this fifth. In total, according to the SOB survey, 45 percent of respondents rely on the state pension.

On the contrary, 38 percent of the youngest generation intended to rely on their own means, and only 31 percent would rely on the state pension.

If you are preparing for retirement through your own disputes, look no further than the pension contract, which is a salary for the entire age spectrum. many choose such a variety of investments and investment funds, some go the way of a building contract, a life insurance or a savings account. That ox 27 percent of the oldest generation and 21 percent of the youngest. ada ech is thus revealed by the purchase of one’s own real estate.

and consider the joint pension as a key product for securing the future. According to our data, the number of young clients under the age of 26 has increased by twenty percent in recent years. Likewise, the number of clients using the employer’s pension increased in the same period, by ten percent. In PSPVK, it has increased to 1,100 crowns per day, and the number of individual clients is also increasing significantly. In the last five years, by about 40 percent, Suchnkov comments on the survey.

As for the percentage that people save for their pension, this year compared to 2019, it increased in all monitored groups. While in 2019 they still spent an average of 696 crowns per month on their pension, this year it is 811 crowns.

The average contribution rate of the employer will thus rise. It rose from 690 crowns in 2019 to a total of 1,067 crowns. For the youngest generation of employees, the average age of the employer is now even 73 percent higher than in 2019.

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