Samsung unveiled its own AI. It’s called Gauss and it will appear on the Galaxy S24 –


  • Samsung also has its own artificial intelligence
  • It is called Gauss and it is divided into three distinct parts
  • It could be introduced to users for the first time already in the models of the Galaxy S24 series

Generative artificial intelligence is currently in vogue, and practically every major technology company does not want to be left behind. The South Korean giant Samsung is no exception, which officially introduced its AI called Gauss. It is to be integrated directly into smartphones and is divided into several parts, namely Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image, each of which is in charge of its specific section.

Gauss will help with writing and photos

Gauss Language is a generative language model that can create emails, summarize everything important in a document or translate from foreign languages. It also has no problem controlling smart devices, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Gauss Code will be especially appreciated by developers, for whom it should make their work easier. Within coding, he should be able to, for example, describe code and generate test cases. Gauss Image then focuses on creating and editing images and photos, changing their style or converting from low to high resolution.

Samsung named its artificial intelligence after Carl Friedrich Gauss, a famous German mathematician and physicist. He has a number of ingenious discoveries to his credit, and his work, among other things, laid the foundations of number theory as a separate mathematical discipline. Unfortunately, the Korean company did not go into details, so for now we can only argue about the practical use or the depth of integration directly into the system. Hopefully, Samsung will share more and more detailed information with us in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphoneSamsung Galaxy S23 smartphone

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At the latest, we should learn about the real use of Gauss artificial intelligence at the beginning of next year, when Samsung is expected to officially present its new flagship models from the Galaxy S24 series. You should be the first bearer of this artificial intelligence. The company itself also confirms that it is not just a prototype – according to its statement, AI Gauss is already being used by its employees, who are said to have increased their productivity.

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