New record in reversing. The Croatian supersport sped over 275 km/h in reverse


The car manufacturer Rimac is really not boring this year. In addition to setting record times at the Nürburgring and during the race at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Nevera also set over 20 acceleration and braking records with the electric hypersport and reached a new maximum speed of 412 km/h. But the attack of disbelief on world records did not end there.

Although many thought that there were no more new records to break, Rimac recently proved us wrong. At the Automotive Testing Papenburg test track in Germany, Rimac Nevera set the record for the fastest reversing car in the world when it reached a maximum speed of 275.74 km/h.

The Rimac Nevera was the first production car to exceed a speed of 170 miles per hour (273.5 km/h) while reversing. As the automaker states in a press release, the first production car capable of exceeding this speed in classic forward driving was the Lamborghini Miura with a V12 engine in 1967.

The Croatian hypersport is able to achieve such extreme speed in reverse thanks to the fact that it has only one gear. The four electric motors driving the wheels thus simply turn only forwards or backwards. However, the extreme power of 1914 horsepower still goes to the wheels.

“During development, we thought the infidelity would probably be the fastest car in the world in reverse, but then we laughed it off. After all, the aerodynamics, cooling and stability were not designed for going backwards at speed. But then we started talking about how fun it would be to try,” said Matija Renić, Chief Program Engineer of Nevera.

“It was definitely necessary to get used to the ride itself. You’re facing directly against the direction of travel, watching the landscape flash by faster and faster in front of you, and you feel your neck being pulled forward in almost the same way as when you brake hard. You move the steering wheel gently and carefully so as not to disturb your balance, you monitor your direction and braking point in the rearview mirror, while still monitoring your speed,” added test driver Goran Drndak.

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