O2 extends the discount and permanent reward. You can get a new iPhone for half


Starting November 1st, all O2 subscribers will find a discount voucher of up to 1,000 crowns in the My O2 application. And that for every service you use from this operator. So if I have an order from O2 free and internet, it will find two purchases in the application in O2 Radosty. If there is a digital TV to go with it, you will be watching it there. And by the end of the day, they can be used for the purchase of selected sweat-appropriate shoes, both in brick-and-mortar stores and on the operator’s e-shop.

However, it is not the only jacket that O2 has distributed this year. He gave me the form of permanent reward, which is not common for all his orders. Only those who are currently Air Bank clients belonging to the PPF group and actively using it can get it.

O2 before the 2023 campaign

You can have internet, a mobile tariff or television from O2, actively use your account with Air Bank and receive a reward of 300 kroner with our joint waste per month, explained the general editor of O2 Jindich Fremuth.

It is up to them how they deal with the regular meat reward. They can use it to buy a high-end phone under the tree, including the latest iPhone 15. The reward can be turned into a regular monthly payment. When combining both external rewards, Apple’s latest innovation with 128GB of memory can cost practically half the price.

The iPhone 15 with removable memory will be available at O2 for K23,989. First, you will get a 1,000-koruna discount, then you will have to pay 12,189 kroner at the time of purchase and choose interest-free installments for 36 months. In such a case, the individual payment will be equal to 300 K per month and can thus be fully covered by the first ten-crown reward for active use of the O2 and Air Bank services.

O2 branch together with Air Bank will give you 300K reward

It’s not that simple. On the part of the operator, two conditions must be met in order to receive regular rewards. Namely, to use services for at least 600 K per month and pay them from here at Air Bank. The bank is then required to fulfill the condition of pedestrian payments totaling at least K 10,000 (do not ask for payments between your own accounts in Air Bank) for this, from which the O2 services are paid first.

This year, competitor T-Mobile is also extending a discount of 1,000 kroner on a specific product. These are wireless headphones. He didn’t forget doubles, crowns and gave discounts on selected products. He planned an extra extension for subscribers and company orders.

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