WatchTV with new app for AppleTV, update for AndroidTV


The operator of the OTT service SledovaniTV has released a completely new application for AppleTV, which will gradually replace the existing one. At the same time, an update for Android TV is coming.

SledovaniTV users who use AppleTV can look forward to a brand new application. It will gradually replace the existing one. The new app for AppleTV brings new features to users of this platform and an overall more pleasant and smooth experience of the service.

Brand new app for AppleTV

The new AppleTV app that users have been clamoring for is here. Starting this week, the existing version will begin to be updated to a new, improved one. Users can expect new and improved features in addition to a modern design.

▲ Fig. 1 – SledovaniTV application for AppleTV (photo: SledovaniTV)

The menu has moved to the left, thus unifying the appearance of all the operator’s platforms and making the controls clearer. The new TV program is also clearer and loads faster. As on other platforms, AppleTV also works with intelligent search or recommendations of similar titles. In addition, there is a list of favorite programs on the front page. This can be managed on the website.

AppleTV television is part of the complex system of the Apple platform, so the application can be controlled via iPhone or iPad.

Our development team has been working on the AppleTV app for over a year. Users called for improvements to the app, but we didn’t want to just go down the path of fixes and decided on a completely new version. Interested users could try it out as part of the Beta testingí,” says Matěj Čičák, Head of Marketing at SledovaniTV.

AndroidTV app update

The popular AndroidTV platform has also received a new improvement – a new channel list and the function of favorite shows.

▲ Fig. 2 – SledovaniTV application for AndroidTV with a new feature – List of channels (photo: SledovaniTV)

The channels in the “Television” section will be divided thematically. This makes it easier for the user to find the channel they are looking for.


▲ Fig. 3 – SledovaniTV application for AndroidTV with a new feature – Favorite programs (photo: SledovaniTV)

The third novelty is the possibility of adding a program to favorites. Thanks to it, the user can mark programs and always find them on the main screen. The management of favorite shows is available on AndroidTV and on the web, and will be added to other platforms in the future. However, a list of favorite channels is already available in all applications.

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