Eggnog: The Magic of Christmas – Medium List

Eggnog: The Magic of Christmas – Medium List
Eggnog: The Magic of Christmas – Medium List

The special moment has come again when we can immerse our soul in alchemy and create our familiar egg cognac. Scented with history and associated with extraordinary adventures, this drink opens the door to the mysteries of the past. Whether we are little dreamers or mature scientists, its charm has not been lost and will excite us again.

Let’s dive into its fascinating history together. Perhaps some unfairly think that this drink is the work of our grandmothers, but its origins go back much further, to the early Middle Ages. There are many legends that accompany him. One of them connects the creation of eggnog with the person of the French king Louis IX. The one who suffered from insomnia and during one awake night created a drink known as “lait de poule” – chicken milk. What a mysterious and engaging story line!

Although this legend adds to the magic of eggnog, the place of its true origin is still shrouded in mystery. It is more likely that this drink saw the light of day on the old farms of East Anglia, where already in the Middle Ages people enjoyed drinking a mixture of eggs and hot milk, which was attributed to them for strengthening and regenerating effects. Even historical sources from the 13th century mention monks who liked coffee with eggs and figs. In England, there was even a tradition of adding eggs to a drink called “posset,” which originally consisted of hot milk with wine or beer, spices, and flavoring.

The development of this delicious drink subsequently spread to different countries, where different variants were created, each with its own charm and fairy tale. In the Czech Republic, egg cognac also has a rich tradition, many families still make it at home according to traditional recipes. However, the basic secret is to let it sit for a great taste.

I tried many different methods and finally came up with a recipe that combined quality alcohol with added sugar to satisfy my discerning taste buds. The key is to choose the right alcohol. My work gave me the opportunity to taste a whole range of different types of alcohol, and this recipe was also appreciated by enthusiastic customers. That’s why I believe it will please you too.

Let’s dive into the world of eggnog, a drink that accompanies us not only on cold winter evenings, but also in our hearts and memories. Now is the right time for a great egg cognac, a drink with a deep history and mystery that gives it a special charm.

Here is my version of the perfect Christmas cognac recipe:

8 fresh egg yolks (ideally fresh home-made size M)
30 g of semolina sugar (can also be flour without anti-caking agents)
250 ml of whole milk
1 can of Salka (397 g)
1 piece of vanilla pod
250 ml cream 33% (ideal)
250ml cane rum or bourbon (My favorite version is La Progressiva 13 with a lovely sweet aroma of citrus, sugar cane and spice, yet it has only residual sugar, which gives it a lightness and wonderful smooth flavor due to its age. I also like it on its own or with a slice of orange, because its aroma is wonderfully sweet and inviting. I enjoy the contrast between the sweet aroma and the dry, slightly technical taste, which slowly opens up to a soft finish of red oranges.)
70 ml brandy, cognac or cane rum (I prefer rum, so my choice is clear: Cubaney Reserva 8y, which is a more mature Dominican rum. Aged for more than 8 years in smaller oak casks and aged in cellars in high Caribbean temperatures, it is mature and beautifully soft, finish without pungency, it just rounds off nicely and slides in. The paradox is that a 12 year old, for example, has a slight pungency in the finish, which some people love and others just hate.)

In a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until smooth and creamy. Add Salko, scraped vanilla bean, milk and cream.

Prepare a pot of water on the stove and turn on the heat, put the bowl with the base prepared above.

Heat the mixture slowly, but do not boil it. Stir constantly until it starts to thicken and foam.

Then move the bowl to a cold water bath and, stirring constantly, cool the mixture until it reaches room temperature (19°C-23°C).

Mix in the prepared alcohol and always taste with a clean, dry spoon.

Pour the mixture into dry and sterilized jars, the same applies to the lids.

Store in a cool place, not in the refrigerator.

I have my policy and only use two variations of alcohol, but I know connoisseurs who do not hesitate to mix different types. Three types are used most often, but it’s too much for me. Of course, the choice depends on your taste, and you can add bourbon, brandy, cognac or even vodka according to your preferences.

What do you wish for at the end? Let eggnog bring you so much joy this year that you will have the impression that the best gift under the tree this year came from your own kitchen.

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