Czech Post will stop delivering parcels. It’s all falling apart. Czechs must use compensation

Czech Post will stop delivering parcels. It’s all falling apart. Czechs must use compensation
Czech Post will stop delivering parcels. It’s all falling apart. Czechs must use compensation

It is unbelievable, but the Czech Post in the form in which we have known it for the past few decades will definitely come to an end. It’s hard to say who came up with this wonderful idea, but the state simply decided that the institution, which historically took care of the delivery of letters, parcels and parcels, would have a completely different role in the Czech Republic.

Everything will be different

However, this also means that you simply cannot send such a package from her anymore. And unfortunately, it also means that the Czech Post will burn another three billion crowns, which are necessary for this complete transformation. At the same time, it will probably cost much more and it is not certain that it will be of any use at all.

Everything just started pouring out recently. The new government ensemble found that the Czech Post is economically unsustainable in this form, and if it were to continue to function as it does, it would have to subsidize billions of crowns every year from the government. However, this was not liked. And so began the massive closing of branches and layoffs, which people bore rather unhappily. Services have deteriorated significantly and become even more expensive.

However, according to the Ministry of the Interior, under which Česká pošta falls, this was only the beginning. There is a belief that this institution today fulfills such functions that there is no interest at all. That should change.

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In two years it will all begin

The post office in its new form should be a kind of super-office, that is, a vanguard, where people will go even before they visit the office itself, be it this or that. It will thus help in communication with the authorities themselves, especially for people who are unable to do so themselves, for example, online or via a data box. There are still around twenty percent of such citizens and they could take care of a new agenda for the Czech Post.

There is even such a view that the Czech Post should completely take over the work of some offices, but this is not yet firmly anchored and set. At the same time, it should become a de facto bank for those who are interested in it.

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All this will erupt in 2025, when the transformation is to be completed. But then, don’t go to the Post Office with packages anymore, because a large part of the delivery services will be separated. They will be taken over by a new company called Balíkovna. It should be much more flexible in the delivery of parcels and should also offer new services that are standard among competitors today.

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