they screwed you up with the wrong cable. We bought it and researched it


Connecting old and new electronics may not always be easy. The one who wanted to connect an old home theater with a DVD player to a new TV with HDMI inputs, with inputs only on cinch (RCA) connectors, a red composite video connector and a red and white audio connector, made sure of this.

Now let’s take into account the fact that this is not a good idea, because the cinch connector carries analog composite video (CVBS) in low resolution, and the 65″ display will thus provide a poor image. Without this technical knowledge, he started looking for a reduction from HDMI to cinch and e-shops bought him one cable with an HDMI connector on one side and three cinch connectors on the other side. In one of them he sold it for 123 crowns (according to the screenshot; at the time of writing this text it is on discount for 122 crowns, which we really don’t care).

The cable arrived, he plugged it in, and then the TV went blank, as if nothing was connected to the input. And I’m not surprised that a changeable cable is technical nonsense and should not be sold in stores at all, certainly not for connected home electronics. Despite this, you can find it in most stores, we bought the trial one on the Internet for 59 crowns, with shipping for 128 crowns.

Link not connectable

In the context of other thanks, this is not essential, but for completeness: the cable is advertised as unidirectional, so I can connect a new source (DVD, Blu-ray, PlayStation) with an HDMI input and an old TV or projector with a cinch input. That is, the right one, not the one he needed.

But that doesn’t matter, because as we have tested, the only thing that the cable can change is that it brings a digital signal to the analog electronics of the display, which of course cannot deal with it. Or when the analogue video and sound signal is connected to several pins of the HDMI port, where the electronics display each digital signal. The cable is therefore already in principle for him.

We first tested the connectors of the purchased cable with a multimeter to find out whether they are connected to each other at all, and whether they are not connected so badly that 5 V voltage (pin 18) would get from the HDMI cable to those connectors, which could damage connected input analog electronics. It turned out that the cable is connected and the signal is routed from the center contacts of the connector on the pins of the data channels (specifically pins 7, 8 and 9).

In order to avoid a discussion about how it would work, you never even tried it, so we tried it. Both in the direction from HDMI to RCA and vice versa. And unsurprisingly, it didn’t work.

We performed an autopsy on the animal to make sure that there was no blood in the HDMI connector, which should potentially save the situation somehow. And as you can see in the photo, we didn’t find anything, only the cable fed into the connector, the lead soldered to the pins. Besides, this result was also indicated by the multimeter beforehand.

The seller’s alibi

The product description reads: The HDMI to RCA cable allows you to connect HD devices that have an HDMI connector to projectors, monitors and analog TVs with a 3RCA connector. Thanks to this, maintain high-quality image resolution and excellent sound.

This is utter nonsense. On the one hand, as we explained above, such a connection is not possible, and on the other hand, a high-quality image resolution cannot be expected from a thin connector with a composite video signal. The single-channel CVBS standard was developed in the 1950s and contains an analog signal with a resolution of 525 or 625 decks, which in the 1950s and 1950s, when DVD players and CRT televisions with large screens were installed in homes, was considered a necessity. Those who wanted quality used two-channel S-Video or tissue component RGB/YUV.

The offer of the cable on the Internet triti, where we shared it.

In light of this, it is deceptive and he made a claim on the seller’s website: Digital resolution 19201080p allows you to send your favorite game without losing quality. The adapter supports an inconvenient high resolution and 19201080p FullHD. Please note that the presented adapter means that we do not have to install drivers, which means that it works immediately after connection. Ideal for laptops, projectors and other devices. Or: The HDMI to RCA cable is designed for the transmission of a high-quality digital image with sound in 19201080p resolution. The cable can be used to connect HD devices that have an HDMI connector, such as projectors, monitors or analog TVs. All you need is an HDMI to RCA cable. The figure on the page shows the circuit diagram. See how easy it is!

If the receiver doesn’t drop out and clicks directly on Kok, I have to scroll through a lot of text and photos, and in the video: HDMI pen digital signal and RCA analog, therefore pm connection will not be possible with all devices. You should purchase a special module that converts the digital signal to analog.

The offer of the cable on the Internet triti, where we shared it.

What is a genius alibi in the style of see, we warned you. The only catch is that when you buy the necessary active converter with a signal converter, you definitely won’t need a cable, which this link is about. Connect the converter on one side with a cable with HDMI connectors (for a digital signal) and on the other side with a cable with cinch connectors ( for analog signals). Also, even with a special module (on which the e-shop unsurprisingly does not charge a click), there is this cable for it.

By the way, these converters are available in the price range of approximately 3,001,200 crowns, you need an external voltage and you can supply them in both directions. And we repeat: you need a standard HDMI and a standard 3-inch cable for them; they will not work with the cable that this text is about.


Does such a cable exist at all, we cannot answer that. But we came up with several hypotheses.

The first option: It’s just a fraud, like in your case a 2TB SSD drive with a 16GB SD card inside. It would only make sense if the cable cost five or eight hundred and was bought from some no-name Asian store where you are not allowed to sneeze at the product. And besides, how profit can be generated with a cable for 59 crowns, when can you use it?

The second possibility: Someone made a mistake in the last parameter when ordering the factory and left a container full of useless cables in the warehouse. And this is how he tries to dream of the loss and hopes that it will be worth the trouble of returning the account.

This possibility: The cables were made to order for some specific proprietary application, in which HDMI and RCA connectors were used, but not related standards. Maybe there was an application where they made sense, but there were too many of them made (or they were left for some other reason) and they ended up in general circulation, where they made no sense.

Every day, the best thing to do with a cable order is to send it back to the store as soon as possible.

The cable has been discontinued

Because we bought the cable because of the internet trit, we sued its operator.

In the changed case, it is a partnership sale, when another merchant sells her goods through after registering on the platform. Considering that this is how businesswomen produce millions of products, it is not within our power to do everything manually. However, if a product appears in the offer that violates our rules, we will stop selling it. This, of course, also happened with the room you drew our attention to, said Jakub Charvt from the Internet Mall company when asked by the editors.

In the event that the customer turns to us and says that he bought a product that does not meet the conditions, we will of course withhold his pension. We contact the seller, and if he wants to purchase the product again, he must provide us with a confirmation of receipt. If the real seller does not drill or does not supply the necessary documents, then the product will not be ready immediately and it will not be possible to buy it, adds Charvt.

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