Food for consumption is growing. When does it make sense to marry him?

Food for consumption is growing. When does it make sense to marry him?
Food for consumption is growing. When does it make sense to marry him?

The unemployment rate is still at a healthy level, and households are not as constrained in their financial needs as it might seem. The demand for consumer goods has not changed in the past. At the moment, development is slow.

In the previous period, we are following the external demand for consumer finance, to Michal Teubner, Komern bank’s press secretary. And the same trend was confirmed by the banks. Every autumn there is an increase in demand for consumer heat, and this year we are seeing similar demand from clients, said Tereza Kaiserotov, spokeswoman for Raiffeisenbank.

What do you get from the bank?

The offer of consumer goods is quite broad. Banks provide consumer credit cards, when you don’t check what you use your money for, according to loan consolidation (combined other credit cards into one). Credit cards and overdrafts are forms of credit, i.e. debit (peerpn) is allowed here. A non-removable wire is usually used for housing or cars.

For example, AirBank has been offering another product since January, namely the option to spread payments into multiple installments with a 0% annual rate. However, we see the service more as a cash-flow tool, not as a loan. It is possible to split card payments and bank transfers, from 3,000 to 30,000 crowns, explains Michal Kuzmiak from the press department for Air Bank and Zonky. Raiffeisenbank clients, on the other hand, can use the PlatmPak service for up to 13 thousand e-shops, which is a deferred payment for purchases up to 25 thousand crowns.

How much and for how much vm pj

Each bank has a maximum of five consumer hours set differently. For example, a non-eligible personal loan at Komern banka can be taken out up to 2.5 million crowns. With AirBank, you can save up to 1.2 million crowns. For Minutov pjky and RePjky (consolidation) from Raiffeisenbank, the limit is set to 800 thousand crowns.

However, the usual sums are quite large. Our client’s average unsecured consumer credit is 375,000 crowns. However, the losses are affected by the fact that we specialize in healthy debt and we do not borrow from clients for short-term consumption, and half of the intermediated loans are an element of consolidation of previous unsuitable loans, explains Jan Brejl, business editor of the Partners group. According to him, the average thorn of salt is around 250 thousand crowns. Where are they? For example, at Raiffeisenbank, the minimum deposit is around the 50,000 crown mark. At AirBank, the average loan is slightly above 100,000 crowns, in the case of consolidation of loans it is around 350 and 400,000 crowns.

The maximum maturity is 10 years. If the client has a mortgage, the maximum is set at 8 years, according to Brejl. It adds that the annual rates of consumer loans are not so sensitive to the basic annual rate announced by the NB. Current consumer credit rates at AirBank start from 4.9 percent, at Raiffeisenbank from 6.7 percent, at Komern banka from 6.9 percent. But generally it is 5 and 25 percent. Bad for the creditor, vi credit, maturity and forfeiture as well as viability.

Pay attention to how much it will cost in total

However, the annual rate alone should not be the main criterion. Klov is the total cost associated with the weather, according to Luk Urbnek, financial advisor of Partners. This means how the annual rate is and how the dues are linked to the weather. First, this includes the RPSN indicator, which is standardized. And for the debtor himself, it is then reduced to a monthly payment, which is directly reflected in the household’s budget.

Therefore, the client should have a basic idea of ​​how the debtor will repay him for the total maturity period of the loan, and how the monthly payment will affect him in the future, says Kaiserotov. it will therefore be decided if the hunter will not be able to pay and will force him to limit his standard of living in the long term. The worst way is to pay off the individual installments in other installments, when the client ends up spiraling into debt. In such a case, it is always better to look for one in refinancing the whole loan or to negotiate with the bank for a deferred payment, recommends Kaiserotov.

How high the actual payment will be can be found out based on the calculations that banks have on their websites. But for an idea, let’s give examples of models.

For example, at Raiffeisen Bank, there are no day-to-day fees associated with a consumer loan, they are provided, managed and repaid free of charge. For a loan of 100,000 crowns with a maturity of 60 months, a fixed annual rate of 6.7 percent, the monthly payment will amount to 1,966 crowns. The APR is 6.9 percent. The total amount to be paid by the consumer is 117,960 crowns.

With AirBanik, you have 450,000 crowns and a bonus year with a fixed rate of 4.9 percent, the RPSN is 5.02 percent, and the monthly payment is 8,757 crowns. In total, the consumer will pay 505,694 crowns in 58 monthly installments.

Bank do not drink cadmium

Of course, the bank will also examine whether or not you can afford the loan. After all, saving is the law. Therefore, every applicant for a loan must prove his creditworthiness, i.e. the ability to repay the loan. What is decisive for the bank is the difference between the developer’s income and expenses, when the expenses for housing and the basic operation of the household and all its existing payments are added to the income, Urbnek explains. Note that the bank’s willingness to provide a loan is a good feedback for the loan applicant about his financial condition.

So you cannot avoid permanent income. If you ask for a bank account in your bank, where you can make the payment, everything will be the same. In the other case, it is necessary to document the confirmation of the loan on the bank’s formula and filled out by the employer, the entrepreneur pays the tax and in both cases according to the entries from the bank, usually for the last month.

From the bank statements, the bank not only checks the name, but also examines whether the applicant does not show any signs of risky behavior, for example, if he does not carry, or if he does not invest in cryptocurrencies and the like, for Urbnek. The condition for obtaining a loan is an entry from the bank and non-bank register without negative records. In practice, this means that if the applicant received a pension in the form of a loan in the past, he has paid this loan today.

When is it better to forgive a loan?

On the other hand, what you will have to decide for yourself is whether paying for the given job and service, two senses, is justified. And when to avoid them. Is it according to him? What I borrow for is the average five life of the loan. That’s the basic criterion for me.

For example, it is a car for commuting to work, heating the house and a language course for external qualification. And certainly not a holiday or a new generation of gaming consoles and mobile phones, for example Michal Kuzmiak. In other words, paying to take out a loan is not really a good idea. On the contrary, it is defensible in the necessary cases for you on the slingshot and the refrigerator, which you were wearing.

It will be sharper for non-bank loans

However, loans from banks are not the only option on the market. There are also many non-banking entities. Since 2016, this bike will definitely increase on the market. The conditions are transparent and must be followed by all market entities. The regulation only applies to the native sla. If someone is an OSV, they should be treated as a company and not paid there on the day of the regulation, warns Urbnek.

Sharpness is if someone decides to take this path, they will be punished for it. You should avoid a provider that requires an unusual form of consumer credit, such as signing a bill. Or offer one form of business financing to clients who do not meet the conditions for a standard consumer loan, warns Kaiserotov.

And it’s a shame to be afraid of sanctions. In the case of classic banks, this is not necessarily the case, it is a matter of standardized products. If we take a sheep from a store, it’s different there. It may happen that I offer very interesting conditions for the debtor, which are conditional on the complete discipline of the debtor, and in any case, an insignificant delay in the payment would then mean that we will lose bonuses in the evening and suddenly I will be a very unsuitable person, said Urbnek .

Caution is therefore on the revenge. Especially if the bank has closed the account. Don’t ever confuse these guys without a doubt. It is a feedback for the writer that it is necessary to think about your financial situation. It is a sign that it is not good for the EU to go into debt. We definitely do not recommend looking for another loan option from companies that promise a quick pension without proof. It’s an unclear path to the debt trap, added Kuzmiak.

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