Used New Mini II (2006-2015): Abused pet

Used New Mini II (2006-2015): Abused pet
Used New Mini II (2006-2015): Abused pet

It’s easy to get crazy about the Mini. It looks amazingly cute and drives like a go-kart. Unfortunately, the most attractive performance versions used to be the favorite toy of the golden youth, and their usual find condition looks like that.

The modern Mini will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. To this day, it hasn’t changed much from the point of view, even though it already exists in the third generation. Here we will talk exclusively about the second one, which in the case of the hatchback with the code R56 was produced from autumn 2006 to spring 2014. The chassis is still based on the cruder, first version, but it already has a slightly larger body and a newly designed hood that does not rise together with the headlights. You won’t find the original Brazilian Tritec gasoline engines with Chrysler genes or the 1.4D-4D diesel from Toyota.

In the second generation, the gasoline units still have the original volume of 1.4 or 1.6 liters, but they already come from the BMW-PSA cooperation. These are the more controversial Prince engines, known under the names 1.4 VTi, 1.6 VTi or 1.6 THP from Peugeots or Citroens.

Diesel is already French (1.6 HDi from PSA), and since 2011 German (BMW N47). The second generation also includes the widest range of directly derived variants to date: the Clubman R55 station wagon (2007-2014), Cabrio R57 (2008-2015), Coupé R58 and Roadster R59 (both 2011-2015). you will not encounter

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