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  • ChatGPT Launches Own “App” Store
  • They will use part of AI knowledge and target it on a specific topic or field of science
  • You can thus design your own artificial intelligence that knows cars or the civil code

Generative AI tool ChatGPT is entering a new era. The operator, the American company OpenAI, has launched something like the ability to configure your own chatbot with narrowly focused functions and knowledge. In November, they will launch their own ChatGPT Store application store for these AI mini-projects.

Artificial intelligence for everyone

To top it all off is ChatGPT’s brand new Neural Network feature, which lets you build your own highly focused AI programs. Although these “GPT applications” will use only a fraction of the capabilities and knowledge of the entire tool, they will be much more practical for ordinary users.

“We’re introducing custom versions of ChatGPT that you can create for specific purposes. GPT applications are a new way for everyone to create their own version of ChatGPT, which will help them more in their daily life, when performing specific tasks, at work or at home.” says the official statement on the OpenAI website.

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These custom chat tools can be created in the paid version of ChatGPT Plus, specifically in the new interface with the editor. Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, demonstrated this himself on stage, where in about 4 minutes he generated a chatbot that acts and writes as if he were Altman himself.

App for Chat GPT Store

The most successful applications created by the community will then find a place in the newly emerging ChatGPT Store. Each user will then be able to download or purchase these tools. According to the creators of the ChatGPT Store, it will go live during November.

GPT applicationGPT application
Several GPT application designs

Right during the presentation event, several interesting concepts of what these GPT applications could look like could be seen. For example, it can be a tool that will generate and read jokes. Another use is, for example, an application that, while you wait, comes up with a gift for your significant other, family members, etc. Of course also with visual accompaniment, thanks to Dall-E 3 integration.

For a better idea, we will also give an example from the Czech Republic – do you need the ultimate helper with civil law? Just “pour” the complete Civil Code into ChatGPT and you have an application that can not only search for information, but also answer specific examples and the like.

An opportunity for investors and developers

According to many experts, this is a huge opportunity for practically everyone, as it can be a matter of minutes to create a narrowly focused GPT agent. Software engineer Greg Isenberg compares the emergence of the ChatGPT Store to the emergence of the Apple App Store or the Shopify platform.

Indeed, simple tools powered by artificial generative intelligence can cause a huge boom among ordinary consumers who have not yet objected to artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is also a massive opportunity for investors, after all, artificial intelligence from OpenAI is used by 100 million users every week, according to official information.

“Tons of opportunity to build ChatGPT AI right now. I wouldn’t want to miss it. These paradigm-shifting moments happen once every 15 years.” concludes Isenberg.

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