People without work do not drink –

People without work do not drink –
People without work do not drink –

At the end of this year, there were a record 9.9 thousand unemployed people in the Pardubice region, which is 200 more than in the previous month. According to the unemployed persons in the region, it was 2.83 percent. The district of Svitavy suffered the most from the minor increase in unemployment in the region, while unemployment increased slightly in Orlickostek.

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2,373 people registered for the labor and employment register in the region. On the contrary, the records were terminated for 2,175 persons, of which 165 were due to non-compliance with work orders. Compared to the previous month, the number of job applications increased by 198. Newly, there were 1,587 job applicants in the region, of which 74.6 percent got a job thanks to adm work (according to the Czech Republic, there were 56, 3 percent). In the region, 35.3 percent applied for unemployment benefits. The average amount of this support in the region was 10,199 crowns and was 473 crowns lower than the average value in the Czech Republic.

At the end of the ninth month, the job boards in the region recorded 14,778 vacancies, 267 less than in the previous month. And by 2,334 by the end of 2022. A fifth of the total number of vacancies was determined for applicants who did not reach the minimum required distance.

Last year, there was a slight increase in the number of job applications in the Krlovhradecky region, by 1.4 percent to 11,354 applications. The number of vacancies between years fell by 10.8 percent to 11,091. According to unemployed persons, it was 3.08 percent and was the seventh lowest in the inter-regional comparison.

Nrst recorded statistics in all districts of the region, except for the Nchod district, where there was a slight decrease. Compared to last month, the most significant increase in the number of applicants for the employment district of Rychnov nad Knnou was recorded.

The unemployment rate remained stagnant, due to the dynamics of several key factors. As a result, various opposing trends resulted in a balanced state, said Martin Jnsk, general editor of the company Randstad Czech Republic.

These are pressures leading to potential external unemployment. Many graduates and students who could not find a place at colleges or in companies turned to a number of jobs. With the end of the year, the seasonal work arrangements came to an end. Another reason is the slowdown of the economy, which led to a decrease in the volume of orders. As a result, many companies have noticed the need to reduce the workforce, especially among blue-collar workers, i.e. female workers performing manual professions. On the other hand, these negative influences were exerted by factors that, on the contrary, supported the labor market. Last year’s season brought with it, for example, increased demand in the logistics and e-commerce sectors. Companies in these market segments have started recruiting new workers to be able to meet the expected increase in demand, added Jnsk.

According to statistics, the structure of the labor market Bl um, that’s the name of the phenomenon in mathematical statistics when the forces develop without a trend, just jump up and down irregularly. And we observe something like this in the Czech labor market indicators in the post-covid period. However, the internal structure of employment is evolving, said Dalibor Hol, editor of the department of labor market statistics and also of the Czech Statistical Office.

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