Microsoft 365 has outages, Germans and British report


According to Downdetector, a service that tracks reports of Internet service outages, over 1,200 users from the countries listed have reported problems with the Microsoft Teams application. Their number peaked shortly after 11:00 CET.

A similar number of users also reported problems accessing the Xbox Live gaming platform.

Microsoft said it had “identified anomalies in its network infrastructure”. The company added that it is working to determine the cause.

According to the company, the problem is limited to users from the UK and Germany. However, users from Sweden and Poland also report problems with access to services on social networks. People from Finland, Switzerland and other countries report about them on the Downdetector server. Dozens of people reported the problem in the Czech Republic.

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Attacks on ChatGPT

Massive outages also hit OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence this week, but it was a cyber attack. “We are experiencing periodic outages due to abnormal traffic reflecting the DDoS attack. We continue to work on mitigating this situation,” OpenAI representatives stated.

The availability problems lasted basically almost the whole day, during the night from Wednesday to Thursday and then also during Thursday CET. Some users could not log in at all, while others did, but the chatbot gave them all kinds of errors instead of answers.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are attacks that always have the same scenario. Hundreds of thousands of computers – in some cases even millions – start accessing a particular server at one moment. It usually cannot handle such a high number of requests and falls down. For ordinary users, the website attacked in this way appears to be unavailable.

In the case of ChatGPT, it must be a very massive attack, because the service is built for a large rush of users. More than 100 million people use this chatbot in different corners of the world, the Mashable server reminded.

ChatGPT’s AI is down, hackers are to blame

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