Give money or personal data: Will you subscribe to Facebook and YouTube without ads?

Give money or personal data: Will you subscribe to Facebook and YouTube without ads?
Give money or personal data: Will you subscribe to Facebook and YouTube without ads?

Have you already subscribed to Facebook without ads for just 239 CZK (9.99 euros) or 299 CZK (12.99 euros) per month? No? Well, don’t worry – he doesn’t take Facebook seriously. It’s about getting the EU fed up – and Facebook can keep collecting data about you.

The ad-free Facebook subscription is quite expensive – and we haven’t taken into account that from March 2024 it will apply to each individual account, so if you have more than one, you have to buy additional ones for 148 or 185 CZK for each account on top.

But this thing isn’t meant to rip you off – it’s pretty expensive for that. This is another case of a story about a Smart Burner who wants to solve the regulations imposed by the European Union. Officially, it is about the protection of user data via GDPR, but in practice it is an effort to prevent the extraction of European data and social graphs for the American secret services.

Since 2013, there have been suspicions that Facebook allows the extraction of data or data snooping for the US secret services, which was also confirmed by information from Edward Snowden. It is not so much about the contributions of true Czechoslovaks who reject the breakup of the republic and more or less not about the contributions as such, it is about the social graph and the information that can be extracted from it.

From the social graph, you can extract information such as who influences whom, how many common contacts you have with a person of interest and, for example, marketing allows you to look for similarities, so when a campaign is currently running for a product, Facebook can conclude that you belong to the category that product will be interested. It gives the system what business intelligence is – and under normal circumstances it increases the efficiency of reaching customers enormously.

But political information, military and business information and the like can also be extracted from social graphs, which is useful for secret services. It’s always good to know what your friends and enemies are talking about and if new and unusual relationships are suddenly starting to form between them.

America massively monitors all communications, including those of friendly heads of state – and since you can’t simply tell Americans to be nice and stop sniffing the asses of our political leadership, European personal data protection in general has simply been introduced.

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