Rare Mercury Cyclone Spoiler at Las Vegas Auction: Legendary V8 Manual Muscle Car!

Rare Mercury Cyclone Spoiler at Las Vegas Auction: Legendary V8 Manual Muscle Car!
Rare Mercury Cyclone Spoiler at Las Vegas Auction: Legendary V8 Manual Muscle Car!

The extremely rare American wrecker Mercury Cyclone Spoiler with a bloated seven-liter eight-cylinder and a four-speed manual is currently being auctioned in Las Vegas. It is one of the last shouts of the golden era of stunning “muscle cars”.

The golden era of American “muscle cars” brought brutal eight-cylinder monsters to the world. America loved speed for little money, so automakers enthusiastically produced affordable wreckers with extremely powerful engines, and almost every brand wanted to dominate the automotive market at the time. The now-forgotten car manufacturer Mercury also entered the segment, selling one of the most unique muscle cars of all time since the early seventies.

It’s called the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler and it appeared on the American market in 1970. That is, at the time when the famous era of “uneaten” muscle cars was approaching its peak before the imminent outbreak of the oil crisis. It was one of the last true big eight-cylinder cars before the skyrocketing gas prices and insurance costs. In the following years, the demands on car safety, which was not the strongest point of “muscle” cars, also began to increase.

The Cyclone had been a standalone Mercury model since 1965, when it was based on the 289 V8 from the popular Ford Mustang, but it wasn’t until the fourth generation from 1970 that it became an automotive beast. The standard engine for the Cyclone was a seven-liter V8 429 with 360 horsepower. Customers could then go for two upgrades – the 429 Cobra jet with 370 horsepower and the 429 Super Cobra Jet with 375 horsepower. However, the most distinctive model of this era was the one named Cyclone Spoiler.

The Mercury Cyclone Spoiler was a special version equipped from the factory with a number of other options, including a 429 Cobra Jet engine with Ram Air intake, a Holley 780 CFM four-chamber carburetor, a Drag Pack, a sport suspension package, a tachometer rated to 8000, a speedometer rated to 140 mph in per hour (225 km/h), black or white stripes on the body and a front and rear spoiler.

And one of the rare Mercury Cyclone muscle cars has appeared for sale. Today, it’s one of many classic cars up for auction at Mecum Auctions in Las Vegas, and the seller says it’s one of only 74 built with a 429 Cobra Jet engine with a Ram Air intake and four-speed manual.

How much will a new owner pay for one of the rarest muscle cars? We will find out only after the end of the auction in Las Vegas, which takes place on November 9-11, 2023.

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