Restaurant collapse: People attacked the St. Martin’s menu. They didn’t notice what year it came from


photo: Bára Richterová, Martin’s Day goose

Martin Kovář is an IT specialist who focuses on website optimization, SEO and graphic editing. He’s been doing it for eighteen years. He takes care of five restaurants in Prague 2 and 4. Our editors spoke with him on Friday and heard an incredible story.

It happened by accident. However, it took several days to resolve the issue.

A quarter of confit goose with cabbage, potato lox and baked apple for 315 crowns, goose kaldoun for 48 crowns, a burger with smoked shredded goose and chestnut mayonnaise for 219 crowns. These are the items that the restaurant in Prague’s Vinohrady offered as part of the St. Martin’s menu.

When the phone started ringing earlier this week, the operator didn’t think it was strange.

“So there were a little more customers, but we thought that people wanted to treat themselves,” described Martin Kovář, who was later asked for help. “However, on Thursday and Friday, the phone rang so often that even the owner found it strange, because it bordered on a collapse situation. Especially at the moment when people started to check the prices I said,” said IT specialist Kovář.

The waitress reportedly went into the kitchen several times to ask what was going on.

Kaldoun for 48 crowns and a generous portion of goose for 315 crowns were resolutely rejected by the chef.

We wrote

“It’s the first time this year that we won’t be doing a St. Martin’s goose,” the operating restaurant in a village in the Central Bohemia region told us when we asked…

Three years by one hundred percent

“But the phones kept ringing. Finally, I arrived there and started to find out what was going on,” Martin Kovář told His words were also confirmed by the owner of the mentioned restaurant. “Only then did we realize what had happened. People searched a lot for the connection ‘Saint Martin’s menu, Prague’ and this restaurant jumped high in the search engine. But the search engine offered a menu from 2020, not from 2023,” noted Martin Kovář, adding that it took him about two hours before he so-called turned off the indexing of the given page.

“I had to block the complete menu from 2020, then we changed the current prices, it was a simple adjustment, but the boss cost 2,400 crowns, I can admit that,” he explained.

Several customers are said to have called on Friday evening, that was after the price adjustment.

We also got together with Martin Kovář on Saturday morning. He confirmed that “traffic is light for now”. But there are reservations for the evening.

Only at current prices, which are often twice as high as in 2020.

A confit goose leg now costs 595 crowns, a goose kaldoun costs 125 crowns and a whole roast goose costs 2,900 crowns.

These amounts are more or less standard in the capital.

Average prices for St. Martin’s menu in Prague:

  • goose caldoun – 120 crowns
  • Thursday confit goose with cabbage – 490 crowns
  • St. Martin’s wine – 65 crowns for one deci
  • roast goose (4.2 kilograms) – 2,400 crowns

The article is in Czech

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