The new SUV is fully equipped but costs less than a motorbike. Who wants him?


It is not easy for the domestic car manufacturer Škoda, every car of any manufacturer is immediately compared to what was created in Mladá Boleslav. And it doesn’t matter if the new model will be sold here or not. Or whether it has a similar price, equipment, engine under the hood. The world of cars is constantly evolving, and with it the possibilities for drivers and customers. Globalization works to the advantage here if someone wants a car that they know from the US, for example, but live in Europe.

Is it better than Skoda? At least it will come out cheaper in conversion

To some extent, any car can be brought to us, although there are certain restrictions here. You can’t count on the fact that if something is sold in Asia or Australia, it can also drive on our roads. One of the recent additions to the automotive market that is getting a lot of attention is the new SUV from Chery. It is called Tiggo 7 and it is on the market with a price of only 250,000 CZK in conversion.

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The car is certainly an interesting choice for those who are looking for enough space and good equipment without having to empty their wallet. Chery introduced the Tiggo 7 in 2016. With an attractive design, interesting technology and great equipment, the Tiggo 7 has become a competitive model in the SUV category. Over time, modernized versions with the designation “Pro” and “Plus” appeared. The facelift brought a new look, LED headlights and other improvements.

The facelifted Tiggo 7 now offers a more modern and prestigious look both outside and inside the cabin. There is also a new engine with 186 hp and 275 Nm of torque. This guarantees sufficient performance for most drivers. Although fuel consumption details are not disclosed, with such power, the dynamics of the vehicle should be more than satisfactory. The Chery is certainly an imaginary competitor to the Tiggo 7 for cars like the Škoda Kodiaq, although it is slightly smaller.

The novelty will fit in among Škoda cars, the price will put them in your pocket

The dimensions of the Tiggo 7 range between the Škoda Karoq and Kodiaq models. It offers better basic engine equipment. Due to the attractive price from CZK 250,000, however, in China (this is a conversion), it is assumed that the Tiggo 7 will be successful not only in the local market, but also in the Western markets. In Australia, where the vehicle is already on sale, it is offered in three versions. The price of the basic version with already good equipment is around 500,000 CZK in conversion.

andPhoto source: Chery

Specifications include LED lights, 18-inch rims, heated seats, a panoramic sunroof, wireless phone charging, a 360-degree camera and much more. With regard to the expansion of Chinese manufacturers into new markets it cannot be ruled out that Tiggo 7 will soon shine on the European field as well. A low price and good equipment can ensure that there will be interest in the car on the old continent. According to available reports, there are no plans yet for the car to reach us on the Czech market.

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