What about E10 gasoline in lawnmowers? Do not store or use stabilizer

What about E10 gasoline in lawnmowers? Do not store or use stabilizer
What about E10 gasoline in lawnmowers? Do not store or use stabilizer

Where is the problem? The content of the biosloka is invited. Ethanol dissolves easily in the gasoline, gets on the water, which condenses in the gasoline, then sinks to the bottom in the form of condensate, which then clogs the fuel system.

If it is left in the fuel system for a long time, condensation and deposits may form in the carburetor in the fuel channels, which will affect the engine speed.

Another unpleasant feature of ethanol is that plastic replaces plasticizers. Prun hoses and tsnn harden and become kehkmi. After a while they can completely disintegrate.

What can be done with it

First of all, it is necessary to store the new fuel correctly. Do not store songs. If you want to prevent problems, store E10 gasoline in a closed canister for a maximum of one month, or preferably only 14 days. If it is fuel for a two-stroke engine, remember that it is best to mix it with oil before use and never store the mixed oil for more than 14 days. Oil in gasoline degrades as well and loses lubricity, recommends Petr Tich from the Hecht company.

The first manufacturers of garden equipment were ahead of this step, so they were preparing for it. At the same time, don’t set a date for solving problems even in countries where E10 was introduced five years ago. We advise our slaves what common sense advises. Just don’t store gasoline for a long time, it’s better to buy a new canister and always use fresh gasoline, agrees Filip Werner from the Mountfield company.

Definitely don’t try this vintage advice from 2015 today:

After using tools such as chainsaws, hacksaws, mowers and cultivators, if you are not going to use them again in the next few days, drain the fuel from the tank, start the engine and let it split and the remaining fuel from the carburettor and fuel hose until the engine is allowed to stop. .

This will be the main period when the gardening season is over and you will know for sure that you will not be driving the lawnmower this year.

There is also an effort in ways

the corrosive properties of bio-components can eliminate some additives to a certain extent. For example, try typing “stabilizer for gasoline E10” into the search engine and you will find that manufacturers of small engines for garden equipment are ready. And there are Briggs&Stratton and Honda. But also many other manufacturers.

This is worth it so that you don’t have to run to the gas station for the first fuel for the mower every week. For example, Fuel Fit costs around 70 crowns per 100 ml and is enough for 10 liters of petrol, which for many people is enough for the entire gardening season.

But make sure it doesn’t pay to risk and store gasoline for a long time. Better to take a 35-liter canister instead. Make sure that when you are driving the car, you will move the pump as much as possible because of the tank in the mower, so you will always take it in one go.

You will also appreciate the additives if you own an electricity generator with an internal combustion engine. In the event of a power failure, it is often necessary to provide energy for the operation of circulation pumps of heating systems, even when it is possible to use the energy stored in accumulators to a certain extent, the electric generator is still irreplaceable.

While the battery only has a limited capacity, and therefore can supply energy only for a limited time, the generator only needs to be refueled, so you will not be surprised or have a calamity lasting several days.

Even in this case, it is advisable to store the additive-treated fuel in a closed canister and replace it with fresh after a few days. In this case, it is best to pour old gasoline into the car once a month and fill the canister with new fuel at the pump.

Another possibility is to use a special gasoline, so-called alkylate, which is diluted so that it is highly stable. It is expensive at the gas station, but in a mower you don’t use as much in a year as in a car, so it won’t ruin everything and you can be sure that it won’t wear out. And for sensitive high-revving two-stroke engines, it could be like a balm for the soul.

What about high octane fuel?

it is often asked whether some high-octane fuel would not be a suitable replacement for gasoline with 10% bio-alcohol. For example, Verva 100 m is labeled as E10, but it does not contain ethanol. Instead, it contains ethyl tetrabutyl ether, which is made from ethanol, but does not have its corrosive properties.

In theory, such gasoline could eliminate a lot of sweat. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the majority of engines used in garden technology are designed for Natural 95, its octane content is lower.

Using other fuel, not recommended by the engine manufacturer, may be in violation of the warranty conditions and may affect the claim. Although using fuel with the same octane level does not necessarily damage the engine, there may still be some risks.

There is no mention of the possibility of a fixed engine, what can I do to its rear. If the carburettor of the engine is set for 95 petrol, using fuel with low octane will affect the richness of the smsi, and this can have a real effect on the start of the engine under certain conditions.

In a special case, it would therefore be appropriate to seat the carburetor for the use of specific fuel, although not every carburetor should be seated properly. The session must be performed by an expert, and again it is necessary to change that such an intervention may affect the full skills in the event of corrosion. Therefore, the easiest way is to use even the longest pedepsan, but always only the first fuel.

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