Air Bank goes against the grain and significantly increases the interest on the savings account. Suddenly he has the best offer


Air Bank makes a bold detour and brings its clients an advantageous novelty. Since the beginning of January, it has increased the interest rate for deposits above 250,000 crowns. Deposits in this range now earn interest at an attractive rate of up to 6% per annum, which is sure to attract attention.

Key conditions for obtaining high interest

In order for clients to reach this advantageous “bonus rate”, simple conditions must be met. This is mainly about frequent use of the Air Bank card – specifically at least five transactions per month. In addition, this condition is suspended for the first two months for new clients, whereby the bank welcomes new applicants for its services.

Advantages of compound interest

Air Bank applies band interest, which means that deposits up to 250,000 crowns earn interest at the standard rate of 5%, while the amount above this limit benefits from a 6% rate. Such an approach motivates an increase in deposits, as the total interest increases with a higher deposit. For example, with a balance of half a million crowns, the resulting interest rate is 5.5%.

In context with competitors, this Air Bank offer is more than competitive. While offers like Trinity Bank’s Super Account with 6.28% interest for deposits up to 250k are also attractive, Air Bank offers simplicity and transparency that will appeal to a wide range of clients.

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Simple activation of the advantageous offer

A simple step is enough to activate this advantageous offer – clicking on the button in the e-mail from the bank. For those who have not yet activated the campaign, the bank is also preparing a reminder through the mobile application.

Tax aspects and other options

It is also important to keep in mind the tax aspects of savings. For example, at VÚB Bank there is a need to resolve tax obligations, which can be a complication for some clients. On the contrary, Air Bank offers simplicity and clarity.

A unique offer at a time of falling interest rates

At a time when interest rates are generally expected to decrease, Air Bank comes with an offer that clearly goes against this trend. This bold strategy positions it as a leader among savings accounts and shows that even in times of changing market conditions, profitable opportunities for savings can be found.

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