Chiron’s successor is coming. The new Bugatti hypersport will arrive this year


Already this year, a new billionaire’s toy will be presented, which will be the successor of the sixteen-cylinder hypersport Bugatti Chiron. What can we expect?

The life cycle of the sixteen-cylinder luxury hypersport Bugatti Chiron is coming to an end. Already this year, the French dream factory should officially present a new successor and the third model for the entire modern history of the brand, which was already swallowed up by the huge German concern Volkswagen Group in 1998. We already know from the past that the novelty will keep the traditional internal combustion engine, but will give up the exotic W16 concept.

One of the most important novelties of the upcoming Bugatti will be the fact that the innovative technology will be based on a completely new platform. The Chiron produced so far is only a major technical evolution of the pioneering Veyron. At the same time, Bugatti openly says that the novelty is the last work of Achim Anscheidt, who headed the brand’s design department for almost two decades and retired last year.

In addition, earlier information says that the new Bugatti will be a hybrid hypersport “with strong electrification and a very attractive internal combustion engine”. At least that’s how Mate Rimac, the current CEO of the Bugatti-Rimac cooperation, describes the future Bugatti. Speculation even talks about an atmospheric 8.3-liter V16 heart developed in collaboration with Cosworth, as well as smaller units such as the V12 from the Lamborghini Revuelto or the concern’s V8.

The approaching ceremonial debut of the latest Bugatti is also confirmed by the statements of Mate Rimac, who published on social networks that the new model was shown to the future owners and partners of the brand behind closed doors during the presentation in Berlin.

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And when will the new Bugatti finally be revealed? The latest information states that it should be released in the middle of this year. It will probably be produced in a limited number of pieces, like its predecessors. The Veyron was produced in the number of 450 pieces, the Chiron is created in the number of 500 pieces.

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