Sportsmen from BMW in the new: Bavarians have rejuvenated the 4 and M4 series, but you will hardly notice the changes


Grab a magnifying glass, you’ll need it – only real connoisseurs will discover the design changes of the new model. And they will have to try hard too. The shapes of the large nostrils and the bumper did not change on the front, rather only the details of the grille and intake openings.

Also new is the headlight graphics integrating the light signature with arrows, and the dipped and high beams use a single LED module. Laser lights are now standard on the M440i (and optional on the 430i). The graphics of the rear lights with a three-dimensional effect have also been modified. Other than that, only two metallic paints (Cape York Green and Fire Red) and a couple of alloy wheel designs up to 19 inches are new.

Photo: BMW

Designers have only changed the graphics of the lights on the once controversial bow.

These changes concern the four-door coupe and cabriolet, the top M4 (coupé and cabriolet) only adds new hood and trunk lid stickers to the new lights (basically adaptive). If you happen to find the M4 too overlooked despite its aggressive design and crackling exhaust…

Photo: BMW

New decals make the M4 even more unmistakable.

Another new feature is the 48V mild-hybrid system for gasoline and diesel engines, which is supposed to save fuel (it drives the on-board systems when the engine is off at traffic lights and while driving), but also sharpens the reaction to the gas pedal instruction with an immediate pull of up to 11 horses, which fills the time, before the gearbox changes its mind and the turbo breathes.

However, this does not apply to the M4, which has the same turbocharged six-cylinder without electric doping. It now produces not only 480 hp (M4) or 510 hp (Competition version), but also 530 hp (Competition xDrive), so it shoots to 100 in four seconds and less.

The cabin of the 4 series, modeled after the recently modernized three, integrates a new panoramic concept of digital instrument panel (12.3″) and touch infotainment (14.9″) with the latest version of the iDrive 8.5 system, which makes user coexistence a little easier. Another new feature is a two-spoke steering wheel, while the M package has a three-spoke steering wheel with a flat lower rim.

One more news!

After years of waiting, BMW (prodded by Toyota’s push to have a Supra with a manual) decided to endow the fastest version of the Z4 M40i roadster with a manual transmission, so now you can push the 340-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder with a flick of the shifter. You won’t be faster (officially, the manual version is 0.1 seconds slower at 100 km/h, but with a time of 4.6 seconds, it’s still a masterpiece), but you’ll enjoy the driving experience more. And that’s what it’s all about.

Photo: BMW

Finally with a manual! Thanks, Toyota.

Well, that’s all. As you can see, BMW took a really minimalist approach to modernization, but that doesn’t really matter at all, because we’re still getting used to the exterior design and the new interior concept, so it really hasn’t had time to become outdated.

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