The largest battery in the Czech Republic will provide electricity for 1,300 households per day

The largest battery in the Czech Republic will provide electricity for 1,300 households per day
The largest battery in the Czech Republic will provide electricity for 1,300 households per day

“The battery is composed of six containers that contain 1,360 battery compartments. And it includes approximately 90 tons of lithium,” explained CEO of ČEZ Energo Martin Václavek.

The primary function of the giant battery is to influence the frequency in the electrical grid. “This means that when electricity consumption is high, the battery can supply electricity to the network and thus stabilize the increase in frequency. And in the opposite case, when there are large deliveries from photovoltaic power plants, the battery is able to accumulate that energy,” he explained and pointed out that the battery can reach a power of 10 megawatts in half a minute.

According to Václavek, the battery, the construction of which cost more than 200 million crowns, would be able to supply 1,300 households with electricity 24 hours a day. “The battery system uses 30 percent more of the internal space of individual containers, thus making it possible to fit 10 megawatts into a relatively small space. The return on investment is roughly 10 years,” added the director of ČEZ Energo.

Another one is coming to Mělnick

The battery storage is part of the ČEZ Group’s energy center, containers with individual battery modules occupy the area of ​​a family house on Výstavní street. “The flashlight is unique mainly because of its solution. The containers are fitted from the outside, so there are no aisles. In order to use this variant, there is a special, liquid cooling with forced circulation. Thanks to this, it was possible to increase the battery capacity by roughly 20 percent,” outlined Aleš Zázvorka, CEO of the supplier company IBG Česko.

When he had to say what is the difference between the battery in a mobile phone and the biggest battery in the country, apart from the size, he said that the battery in the phone is just a stupid box. “This is already a system that has its own control of both individual modules and each container, and is connected to the main control system. It’s already a rather complicated thing, it’s not just a battery anymore, it’s a system. The battery in the phone is basically just one cell, the same as here in those modules,” he explained.

However, the one from Vítkovice will probably not enjoy the title of the largest battery in the Czech Republic for long. A similar battery near Vraňany in Mělnick should be put into operation in about three months. It will include battery storage and a gas combustion turbine. The capacity of the local battery should be roughly double that of the one in Ostrava.

Photovoltaic subsidies will be tightened

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