The moss will disappear from the roof immediately. Try the method that is the hit of the Internet


The moss roof is beautiful and contributes to the thermal insulation of the house. But this is only if you have fallen into the trend of living in a partially or completely sunken house or if you have covered the house with a green roof. Otherwise, moss on the roof is a long-standing and persistent enemy.

The moss resists for a long time

Moss can reproduce quickly and literally millimeters are all it takes. It can get into small crevices, stick and stay in place for many years. It does not have an aesthetic effect on the roof covering, and at the same time it can be very damaging. Every time you remove the moss from the surface, another one will appear after a short time. Soaked in water, it is a burden for the roof, it collects dust and other dirt, it damages the material and coating of the covering. It is necessary to get rid of the moss thoroughly.

Start with mechanical removal

The first step is the mechanical removal of the moss covering itself. You will need a ladder and an ordinary spatula. Moss can be removed relatively easily, it is not a difficult job. Subsequently, apply a chemical agent for the elimination of moss to the places where there was moss. Spray also a circle at a distance of 1.5 m from the places where you removed the moss. Always apply the spray in sunny weather without wind.

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Only blue rock will effectively remove moss

A solution of blue rock works best on moss. It can usually be bought in hobby markets, but some drugstores and garden stores also have it. It is enough to mix the blue scalice with water in the ratio indicated in the instructions. The solution is applied to the roof with a spray gun. It works perfectly on mosses and lichens, but it is necessary to repeat the spraying regularly.

Home tricks to remove moss

You can get rid of moss from the roof by spraying it with slaked lime or using a homemade spray. Prepare vinegar and water for it. Pour eight liters of water and half a liter of vinegar into the bucket. Soak the moss with this spray several times before it dies. You can also try chlorine cleaner or powdered oxygen bleach mixed with dish soap.

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