Goodbye to three-cylinders: We know why the VW Golf said goodbye to the 1.0 TSI


The latest Volkswagen Golf officially says goodbye to the basic three-cylinder and replaces them with a weak four-cylinder. We found out why that is.

Volkswagen kicked off this year’s 50th anniversary celebrations of the iconic Volkswagen Golf last week by officially unveiling the long-promised upgrade to the latest eighth generation. We have already introduced you to this year’s essential novelty of the Wolfsburg brand, and even then we noticed that the previously basic turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0 TSI had disappeared from the offer of gasoline engines, and we decided to ask the Czech representative office why this is the case.

The new Volkswagen Golf will be sold in the Czech Republic with a new base engine, which will be a larger turbocharged 1.5 TSI four-cylinder petrol engine with a maximum output of 85 kW (115 hp). Even before the modernization, however, the eighth Volkswagen Golf was also sold with a smaller liter three-cylinder engine, which the factory probably said goodbye to for good.

Together with the modernization, the manufacturer officially confirms the completion of the installation of the standard 1.0 TSI engine as well as the 1.0 eTSI mild-hybrid unit in the latest Golf and Golf Variant models. The new basic engine for the improved Golf thus becomes the already mentioned four-cylinder fifteen-cylinder, but Volkswagen does not give any specific reason for a significant change. After the three-cylinder era, it is “quietly” returning to the more popular four-cylinders.

There may be more theoretical reasons for the new basic unit, but according to the Czech representative of the brand, it is most likely to simplify and streamline the production process. Another reason may be the lower interest in three-cylinder models in the popular model of the brand, which, at least in our market, were overtaken by four-cylinders.

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Unfortunately, we do not know the European figures, but of all the eighth generation Golfs sold, only 17 percent of cars with the weakest 1.0 TSI and 1.0 eTSI engines were sold in the Czech Republic, while 61 percent of the larger four-cylinder 1.5 TSI and 1.5 eTSI were sold in the Czech Republic! In response to our inquiry, the Czech importer stated that the percentage representation of engines in total sales is a combination of the standard five-door hatchback and the family station wagon with the trade name Variant.

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Soon, the new Golf and Golf Variant will be presented in the Czech Republic also in the discounted People equipment, which the brand recently introduced for the best-selling models in its portfolio. New products will be available to order from official retailers as soon as the pre-sale starts.

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