Meta Platforms (+22%) on track to top all-time charts, Nasdaq +1.8%

Meta Platforms (+22%) on track to top all-time charts, Nasdaq +1.8%
Meta Platforms (+22%) on track to top all-time charts, Nasdaq +1.8%

2/2/2024 7:09 PM, AMZN, MSFT, AMD, AAPL, NVDA, EW, META, GEN

The American stock indexes in the fifth session are singing a lot with the technology index Nasdaq, which adds 1.8% on the back of the positive five-quarter sales of half of the flagships, and the S&P500 index then strengthens by 1%. Only the traditional Dow Jones index (+0.1%) shows a marginal gain.

The daily movements again describe the index of statistics (intraday historical maximum), the individual record is then allowed by the operator of the social network Facebook, spol. Meta Platforms (META), which shows a resultless 22% growth. The current valuation of the company has increased by more than 200 billion USD since the public return of value, and thus far the record movements of Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL), which incl. 2022 moved the valuation by only 190 billion USD in one day.

On solid results, the leading online retailer Amazon (AMZN +8.1 %) is moving forward, although the small results of Apple (AAPL -0.6 %) last year were not enough, even pesto, but the water losses have been erased. Momentum in the sector as long as the main producer of ip in the AI ​​segment Nvidia (NVDA +5 %), as well as its competitor AMD (AMD +3.7 %), which has wiped out its losses after the reported results of the week. Microsoft (MSFT +1.7%) also moves to a new high. Tk technological vhai so become to go through.

The day’s optimism was briefly cooled by a strong fall from the labor market, which dimmed the prospects for the release of monetary policy this quarter. Torn imports have moved in leaps (about 20 basis points) and thus we can expect increased volatility in the stock in the fifth week. In addition to falling bonds, precious metals are not doing well either, when gold depreciates by 1% to 2035 USD/oz, and even by 2.2% to 22.66 USD/oz. Oil is also moving against the verve, losing 2.2% to USD 72.2/barrel, but natural gas is rising by 1% to USD 2.07/mmbtu.

Today, the first corporate results clearly dominate the individual movements of the S&P500. Zmiovan Meta Platforms excels a lot with +22% profit. Amazon (AMZN) and leading heart valve maker Edwards Lifesciences (EW) then show an approximately 8% upward movement as a result. Among the losers today, after the disappointment of the result, on the contrary, we see the software company with the help of Gen Digital (GEN -14%).

The S&P 500 index +0.98% to 4954.03 b.
The strongest S&P sectors Change The weakest sectors of the S&P Change
Service communicator +4.5% Utilities -2.1%
Excess consumption +2.1% Reality -2%
Technology informant +1.3% Material warehouse -0.9%
The strongest S&P stock Change S&P’s weakest stock Change
Meta Platforms (META) +22% Charter Communications (CHTR) -15% (AMZN) +8.1% Gen Digital (GENE) -14%
Edwards Lifesciences Corp (EW) +7.4% Enphase Energy (ENPH) -5.2%
Cigna Group/The (WHOSE) +5.8% Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) -4.6%
NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) +5.3% Newmont Corp (NOT) -4.4%

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