Czech Railways has started to offer IN100 shared tickets

Czech Railways has started to offer IN100 shared tickets
Czech Railways has started to offer IN100 shared tickets

One passenger can use the ticket on one day.

Czech Railways has started selling two new versions of IN 100 tickets, which are used for unlimited travel on trains of the state carrier. It also now offers their sharing by several people. For both new offers, the application is uploaded to the Virtual IN Card in the Můj vlak mobile application.

The shared IN 100 is designed for up to four passengers and costs CZK 29,900, i.e. CZK 8,000 more than the basic version for one passenger. The condition is that the foursome written on the ticket never travel together, and only one passenger can use the app in one day.

For example, on weekdays one parent commutes to work with the Shared IN 100, on Saturday the other parent uses the ticket to go shopping, and on Sunday the daughter goes to the cinema. Shared IN 100 is valid in 2nd class, in the case of using 1st class, it is possible to pay a one-time supplement at the conductor or use a time supplement to 1st class,” described the new product of České dráhy.

The new Virtual IN Business is based on a similar principle for trips of up to twenty or fifty employees in companies. The ticket is intended mainly for business trips of employees. Similar to Shared IN 100, only one of the passengers involved in Virtual IN Business can travel in one day. Compared to the standard IN Business application, the virtual one has the advantage that it is not necessary to pass the plastic In Card to each other. In the shared calendar, everyone has an overview of when a ticket is available and can book it for their trip. With Virtual In Business it is possible to travel on all ČD trains in both 2nd and 1st class.

Price list of new applications

Network ticket Shared IN 100 for up to 4 sharing persons: CZK 29,990
Virtual IN Business for up to 20 sharing persons: CZK 39,990
Virtual IN Business for up to 50 sharing persons: CZK 44,990


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