Bacon and foie gras. Spanish startup reaps success with 3D-printed food

Bacon and foie gras. Spanish startup reaps success with 3D-printed food
Bacon and foie gras. Spanish startup reaps success with 3D-printed food

The Spanish startup was founded six years ago by Patxi Larumbe and Daniel Rico. They wanted to impress meat lovers with a 3D steak, which they announced in a post on social networks. ​”We ​​knew that if we wanted to print something, it had to be something that pissed people off,” one of the founders told The Guardian.

“We suspected that 3D printing a large steak would upset a lot of people in Spain – and especially in the north of Spain. We printed the steak and put it on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. We received 700,000 responses. Most people told us to shove it somewhere. It was crazy and we were delighted,” added Larumbe.

However, the uproar about the 3D steak on social networks attracted, among other things, the attention of the leading American food company Cargill, which decided to invest in the startup.

Since then, Cocuus has continued to push the boundaries of 3D printing and, thanks to its technologies, can create even complex food textures. Their technology also makes it possible to create meals specially adapted for individuals who have dietary restrictions or who have difficulty swallowing.

The company has already sold tens of thousands of products

Since last year, when the company, together with partner Foody’s, placed its products on the shelves of Carrefour stores in Spain, it has sold 80,000 pieces of its meat-free foie gras and 200,000 pieces of cholesterol-free vegan bacon. Both products are made from thick vegetable paste.

“Our edible imitation is comprehensive – it has never existed before. There were some similar products for vegetarians, but bad. We work with scientists who come up with recipes and technologies that are radically different. All this means that we are the most advanced company in the world in this field,” added Larumbe.

Another Spanish company prints steaks on a 3D printer:

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