Electric-powered electric car from Mercedes: Ingenious idea or complete nonsense?


That’s nonsense, isn’t it? Electric off-road sounds simply absurd – without differential locks and a reduction gearbox, you won’t get anywhere in the off-road. And where in the wild will you look for a socket…? But it makes sense, especially for the famous Geländewagen.

The G-Class is no longer an expedition special or a tool for off-road enthusiasts, it is too luxurious and expensive for that. Far more often you’ll see the car rebranding itself in city centers for the roar of AMG’s V8 from its four tailpipes – which isn’t exactly to the residents’ taste.

The quiet and emission-free electric version will cause much less commotion with its passage and will not attract a wave of hostile glances to the owners. At the same time, it has a brutal power of 587 horsepower (two more than the mighty G63 AMG) and it shoots to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds (four tenths slower than the G63), so it is definitely not a city car.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

A hundred in 4.7 seconds? That’s pretty good… especially for a three-ton SUV!

And if you decide to go off-road, you won’t be disappointed either, because at Mercedes they got it in full shape like any other “geek”: Ground clearance is 250 mm, front (32°) and rear approach angle (30.7°) together with with the crossing angle (20.3°) they are practically the same as in a normal “gecko”, it can handle a lateral tilt of 35° and a gradient of 100% (45°), it can even wade up to 850 mm in water and mud.

In addition, it has a massive torque of 1,164 Nm, which will pull you out of any off-road mess (if you have the right tires) – and it is absolutely precisely dosed even without mechanical differential locks. The electric “geekko” has one electric motor on each wheel, and the electronics (with the help of virtual shutters and torque vectoring) can automatically precisely control their performance so that it loads the wheels with the greatest traction and does not spin the others unnecessarily. In addition, each electric motor has its own two-stage gearbox for reduced transmission.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Ruler of the terrain? Write that down – even in the electric version.

It works seriously brilliantly, and off-road it adds a dose of confidence behind the wheel thanks to the feeling of perfect control and less inertia of the whole drivetrain. It also adds to the agility, you even get a tank-style spin-in-place feature that isn’t just good for dazzling your friends and Instagram fans.

The limitation is of course the range. The battery with a capacity of 116 kWh allows you to travel up to 473 km on a single charge, and you can then charge it with a power of up to 200 kW – but there are really no such things in the wild. But you’ll never see these cars there anyway…

Safety first

The battery is protected from the bottom by a 26 mm thick panel made of an advanced material mix including carbon and attached to the ladder frame with 50 steel screws, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged.

The electric “gečko” is not intended for adventurers, but for those who spend most of their time in civilization and only occasionally feel the desire to jump off the asphalt for an adventure, so that they can soon return to the safe arms of the urban agglomeration.

The most special thing about this car is its name – we were waiting for the long-announced name EQG, but in the end we got a simple G 580 “with EQ technology”. Mercedes is probably trying to indicate that, even with the electric drive, the “gut” hasn’t softened and still remains a tough off-roader at its core. And that is very good!

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