The cheapest cars on the Czech market in 2024


It probably won’t surprise you that the seven cheapest models on the Czech market belong to the segment of small city cars. The Hyundai brand has two representatives among the available cars, but for about eight salaries (the average monthly salary in the Czech Republic is CZK 43,967 this year), you can also buy an Italian sedan, a French classic or a predatory Korean. Let’s introduce them in more detail.

Hyundai i20

  • Base price: 339,900 CZK
  • Price of version with air conditioning: 369,900 CZK

The Hyundai i20 is one of the three models that will push the base price below CZK 340,000. Thanks to the current 40,000 discount, he gets a nice purchase amount. For this money you get an atmospheric 1200 with 84 horsepower and a five-speed manual transmission.

The initial Smart equipment is not the richest, the i20 wears fifteen-inch steel wheels, has halogen headlights and only a height-adjustable steering wheel. If you would like manual air conditioning and other loads of comfort features (rear packing sensors, electrically operated front and rear windows), you have to go for the Comfort equipment, which is CZK 30,000 more expensive.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla, Garáž.cz

The new i20 can light up Czech roads.

Fiat 500

  • Base price: 339,900 CZK
  • Price of version with air conditioning: 339,900 CZK

The iconic 500 from Fiat is also available for CZK 339,900 thanks to a discount (standard price is CZK 419,900). It is driven forward by a mild-hybrid 1200 hp engine, but unlike the i20, it already has manual air conditioning as standard. The question remains how long the aging 500 will last in Fiat’s offer, which wants to gradually reorient itself to an electric future, which also includes the more modern successor of the 500e.

Photo: Fiat

Pětistovka still looks great after years!

Citroën C3

  • Base price: 339,900 CZK
  • Price of version with air conditioning: 339,900 CZK

The French C3 has long been among the most affordable models on the market. For 339,900 CZK you can buy an end-of-life model, the brand new one already costs at least 380,000 CZK. The final C3 has manual air conditioning in the base (and even LED headlights), and under the hood is a proven 1200 PureTech gasoline engine with 83 horsepower. However, we would not hesitate too much here, with the arrival of the new generation, it will soon be possible to buy the expiring “cé-troika” only from stock.


Photo: Ondřej Svoboda

The current C3 is slowly saying goodbye, but it still has a modern feel.

Kia Picanto

  • Base price: 319,980 CZK
  • Price of version with air conditioning: 354,980 CZK

The newest addition to our selection. Kia has given its little one a modernization that brings a sporty, predatory face, but also technological innovations. Nevertheless, the basic price tag still remains at a very pleasant amount of CZK 319,980. Built-in navigation, cruise control or a rear parking camera are part of the standard equipment. Unfortunately, but not air conditioning, for this you have to reach for a higher equipment level from 354,980 CZK.


Photo: Kia

In appearance, the rejuvenated Picanto came close to the rest of the model portfolio.

Dacia Sandero

  • Base price: 319,900 CZK
  • Price of version with air conditioning: 329,900 CZK

The Sandero is also a long-term benchmark for an affordable car. But even Dacia had to react to the tightening safety rules, so it installs more and more mandatory technologies in its models… and the price goes up. However, you can still buy a Sandero from CZK 319,900, which is a fair price for a 90-horsepower three-cylinder. Although the basic version does not have air conditioning, you do not necessarily have to pay extra for a higher equipment level – manual air conditioning is available alone for an additional ten thousand.


Photo: Dacia

Sander’s modernization brought a new face and an army of security assistants.

Mitsubishi Space Star

  • Base price: 296,760 CZK
  • Price of version with air conditioning: 313,760 CZK

The first of two models in our selection that fits under the magic threshold of CZK 300,000. You can buy a Mitsubishi Space Star with a 1200 MIVEC (71 hp) from 296,760 CZK, and it is said that today you can still get a discount on the spot from an authorized dealer. The base already has fourteen light alloy wheels, tinted rear windows or six airbags. Air conditioning is only available in higher equipment from CZK 313,760.


Photo: Jiří Cermák

Don’t expect brand new and modern technology in the car. Although it undergoes regular modernization, its foundation saw the light of day already in 2012.

Hyundai i10

  • Base price: 279,990 CZK
  • Price of version with air conditioning: 299,990 CZK

The hero of our selection is the tiny Hyundai i10, which is not only the cheapest – it costs CZK 279,990 – but it is the only one that fits under the threshold of CZK 300,000 including air conditioning. The current forty thousand bonus helps him in this. For the above-mentioned amount, you get a three-liter three-cylinder engine with 67 horsepower, which is enough power for a city car.


Photo: Hyundai

The smallest Hyundai model looks fresh, because it underwent a facelift last year.

As our roundup of seven stalwarts proves, affordable cars aren’t dead yet. The question remains, however, how much you will cling to the low price tag. Sometimes a reasonable surcharge of several tens of thousands of crowns is enough and the equipment of your car can be significantly richer. Including air conditioning, which we consider a necessity today. But in the end it always depends on customer preferences…

Which model from our selection do you like the most?

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