Probably the oldest caravan in the world is for sale

Motorhomes, caravans or specially adapted vans are a huge trend today and this sector of the automotive industry is booming like never before. However, it is hard to believe that motorhomes were created even shortly after the beginning of the twentieth century and even then had a number of conveniences.

But a car appeared on the website of the Bonhams auction house that confirms exactly this fact. This is because it is a residential version of the American Ford Model T, which is the only one of its kind and, according to the offer, it is possibly the oldest surviving “residential vehicle” in the world. It was commissioned by one of the aristocratic families in Great Britain and is for sale today.

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The car was built in 1914, when it was bought by one of the wealthy British Bentall families, who became rich through trade and owned a huge property.

The car is based on a Ford Model T chassis, but it has been extended and reinforced by Baico. The superstructure was then completely implemented by the company Dunton, which gathered many years of experience with horse-drawn caravans.

Photo: Bonhams

Ford Model T Caravan

The unique caravan has a polished pine floor, a range of storage spaces or a door with a cupboard. The driver has a comfortable seat that can be turned backwards, as we are used to with camper vans. Four people sleep in the caravan, which has a table, a wood stove, a number of stylish chests of drawers or green curtains on the windows.

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Unfortunately, the car was created at a bad time, just before the outbreak of the First World War, and it is still unclear how many kilometers its owners drove it and whether they really enjoyed its services. Among other things, the car was also lost for quite a long time and subsequently reconstructed. It has toured one exhibition after another since the 1970s, but now it will go into private ownership.

According to experts, its price at the auction held on September 10 should be around 800,000 crowns.

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