In addition to the hen, write it down. Heck, the code must remain

In addition to the hen, write it down. Heck, the code must remain
In addition to the hen, write it down. Heck, the code must remain

Martin Jahn, the only member of the board of directors, personally advocated for hek to remain in the name. That gave the new logo of the car company a boost, as it is a new symbol of the brand, making it more expensive. Jahn insisted that the graphic artist had to incorporate it into the new inscription.

In recent years, Germans have been careful to pronounce the car company’s name correctly in public, after the Czech language. And when do they wriggle that they don’t know the dog language, that they can’t do it? I ask them how to pronounce the name Porsche, comments one of the Czech manners in the Auto code.

With the new character identity, the code adapts to the electric future and takes a clear position among competitors. At the same time, it differentiates itself more clearly from other brands of the Volkswagen group, comments Martin Jahn, who is in charge of sales and marketing at the board of directors. With the new corporate identity, we will move the appearance of the whole characters to the next level. Develop not only our product portfolio, but also our customers. And we see it as an ideal way to adapt the sign to decades of transformation and adjust its appearance to the needs and expected damage. Our new corporate identity emphasizes a modern and unique design and clearly shows an approach that is primarily digital.

the code will therefore match the new visual identity with two characters. One on which the audience is accustomed to roll the logo of a decorated pu, which is traditionally called a hen.

Kulat logo zstv

The traditional round emblem, which this year was definitively bought from the Strojrensk company koda Group (from the PPF group), will therefore be used by the automaker in the future, albeit much less. The new logo of the closed pu is new for presentation without plastic 3D graphics. koda Auto thus responds to the growing number of marketing and communication activities from the press to the Internet. A simple two-dimensional logo is much more effective, especially on mobile devices, and can thus be more flexibly integrated into various formats, explains Vtzslav Kodym from kody Auto, according to whom it is the most radical change in corporate identity in the last 30 years.

In fact, the stylized inscription (logotype) of the code will be used, which will dominate the PMO on the cars. On the hood, it sits completely above the mask. It won’t be the first time, a simple inscription was last used on a vehicle under the code of the series 742 in the eighties.

For better visibility on digital communication channels, a new corporate logo will be used. The wording KODA will be used much more easily compared to the logo. The new character identity will first be presented in information and communication materials, and then there will be future models. According to Kodym, the survey showed that the first typographic logo is suitable from the point of view of recognition and identification.

The new stylization uses a completely different typography that works with symmetry and a combination of air shapes with edges. According to Oekvn, KODA signs represented the first call for the integration of sound, which represents an important part of the Czech historical heritage. The hex above the letter S is now integrated into the first letter, writes Kodim.

There is no hek in huk

The car company’s tendency to use the word name is evident on the latest models or facelifts, so such a change could be expected. The font is conservative and modern, comments Ludmila Navrtilov, head of the Marketing Center, Newton University. Inspiration from other signs and a bow to the trend of simplification, which is evident in the world for ten years, is visible. From the whole concept, you can see the path to dynamism and the effort to follow the trends of electromobility and safety.

According to Ludmila Navrtilov, it is a step that meets the ambitions that she announced with the introduction of the new logo. It may seem like a waste to me, but the reality is that marketing your nostalgia is pragmatically negligible for the brand. koda Auto is not the first Czech character to leave the hek. The undisputed most famous global sign of Czech origin, Baa, did the same. It too was successful in foreign markets and is still successful today as Bata. With the new script, on the other hand, it is positive that only the hint of heat remained there. If you don’t understand its context, you won’t be offended. For fans and connoisseurs, on the other hand, it is sympathetically devoted to the legacy, history and country of origin.

The overall code of the Auto in the new design is based on the color green, at least in our cultural environment, where this color represents intelligence, growth, consciousness, perceptiveness, wit. It fits perfectly into the context of today’s changes in the automotive industry, comments marketing expert Ludmila Navrtilov.

The corporate identity underwent a big change. koda Auto will use two different shades of green: emerald and electric green, which symbolize ecology, sustainability and electromobility, added Kodym.

Under the leadership of the marketing department, the employees of the entire company participated in the development of a new corporate identity. In addition, 2,200 respondents from the six key markets of the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Norway, India and Israel came up with selected designs from a total of 165 versions of the logo to jointly define its future form, according to the car company.

The new corporate identity will gradually be implemented on all platforms, first in information and communication materials, and from 2024 it will begin to appear on newly launched models. The new design will also be reflected in the infotainment and other elements of the car. The essence of modernization will thus be the design of the right establishments of authorized partners.

Indian or hen?

In 1925, the Mladá Boleslav L&K car company and the Plzeň koda concern merged the company and logo with the famous tiled tree. Tom Magli, the commercial editor of Koda Plze at the time, is the author of the idea. The inspiration was a picture of the head of an Indian with a headdress, which used to decorate the office of the head of a Pilsen company. The well-explained circumstances of the creation of the famous logo and the identity of the author remain a mystery to this day.

In fifty-ninety years, the Czech car company modified the logo several times, even when the basic concept was preserved. The last major change was eleven years ago, and the last time the code emblem was modernized was six years ago.

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