Residential monster truck: Custom special Mercedes Unimog sold for 5 million

There is no ultimate off-road motorhome. Or perhaps yes? This special custom-made Mercedes-Benz Unimog could very well be it – giant wheels, portal axles, reduction gearbox, illuminated LED ramps, excellent wading and a proper tent on the body. Pack your hiking backpacks, we’re off on an adventure!

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This car belongs in the wilderness, not on a camping patch

The full name of this nice monster is Mercedes-Benz Unimog 416 Doka. Connoisseurs will surely know that this is an acronym from the German “Universal Motor-Gerät”. Although Gerät literally translates from German as utensil, tool or equipment, we know that this abbreviation primarily referred to universal light trucks that began to develop after World War II. Doka refers to a “doppelkabine”, i.e. a double cabin.

The three-pointed star has only been in production since 1951. This version of ours, the “Unimog 416”, which refers to the extended wheelbase compared to the popular Unimog 406, was originally launched in 1965. The extended version of the 416 found use in the services of conservationists, rescue teams, military units, but also in the construction industry.

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Twenty-inch steel wheels are shod with massive wheels with portal axles. In the past, the Unimog was used as a “universal tool” among other things as a snow blower or railway pusher

This particular 1976 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 416 Doka is powered by a fairly standard 5.7L OM 352 straight-six diesel with cast iron block and cylinder head. The engine originally produced 130 hp and 353 Nm of torque, but in this case the output will be higher due to the more powerful turbocharger.

The engine transmits its power to massive 20-inch steel wheels shod in massive 425/75 tires. Thanks to the reduction, the reduction gearbox has a total of 20 different gears, and the power traveling to the two portal axles is directed by three differentials.

Photo: Bring a Trailer

The honest 5.7l diesel straight-six relies on a good old cast-iron block, the head is also made of the same material. Thanks to the different degrees of reduction, the gearbox allows a total of twenty gears for driving forward

There must be disc brakes on all four wheels, raised ground clearance, additional lighting above the hood, a custom-made steel front bumper with a winch or a double fuel tank.

From the expedition equipment we see a body with removable side panels and transport boxes made of stainless steel. A large tent can be conveniently folded into the boxes with anchorage on the body and ladders made of aluminum alloy.

What is interesting is that in the front part of the cabin, in addition to the complex manual transmission, we also find two Corbeau racing seats or a good old JVC stereo with a CD player.

The car was sold at auction and the final price for this special expedition SUV was exactly 220,000 dollars (approx. 5.3 million crowns), despite the fact that the seller mentioned slight corrosion in the lower part of the doors and scratches on the beige body.

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