The most annoying pekka smart home will disappear in the fall

Today, if someone decides to buy some element of a smart home, they are limited to at least two, such as a thermostat, a closed drawer at a time. On the one hand, the necessity to choose a model that uses a communication protocol (Z-Wave, Zigbee, wi-fi, Bluetooth LE) in the ideal case of response to other installed equipment and absolutely to choose a model that can be controlled by the help in the household using the smart-home platform ( Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Samsung Smartthings, Amazon Alexa, or you Tuya). Otherwise, you will end up with a lot of mutually uncooperative devices with inconsistent management, which actually do not have much in common with the smart home.

The new communication standard Matter, developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance and intended to be a unifying platform, should change this. It is an open-source standard, for its use I do not have to pay license fees to the manufacturer, but I do have to use logos on the product packaging and the product will have to meet written certification criteria in its specification.

Many smart Eve devices developed today support it after upgrading the Matter standard firmware (the upgrade is not public yet).

It would be completely useless and wasted if it was not confirmed at this time by the adoption of the system by many leading manufacturers of smart electronics and related systems. Including Apple, Amazon, Eve, Google, Legrand, Samsung, Signify, Schneider, Somfy and others.

If the product is marked with the Matter logo, it means that it will be compatible with other products communicating with this standard, regardless of the sign. And just put them on any of the smart home platforms, i.e. current Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smartthings, Tuya, it will work in everything. For example, complications also occur when an Android user meets an Apple user in the same household, and thus the conditions are not equal in terms of controlling smart elements in the household. They will be new.

This does not mean that there are competitive differences between the products. Explain to the representatives of Signify (manufacturer of Philips Hue lighting) that their products will be able to be controlled together with competitors from many user interfaces. But if the user wants to use some specific presets, effects and functions, he will have to use the Hue application, this competitive advantage is understandably not free for free use with competing products.

With the help of Matter Gateway, it will be possible to use even old elements of the Tuya system, regardless of whether the dog communicates via Wi-Fi, ZigBee, or Bluetooth.

Matter will use a variety of building technologies for data transmission, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and IoT, Thread. product registration can be done using the Bluetooth LE handshake or by scanning a QR code. All device communications must be encrypted and thus secured against unauthorized access.

A good start is that the new standard will be adopted with the help of firmware updates by many existing or older devices, including the Philips Hue square bridge, all Eve and Netatmo devices supporting Thread, or Arlo security elements, including cameras.

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