Timeless handbags not only for the office

Choosing a suitable handbag for work is most often solved by women. They need to hide not only their mobile phone and wallet, but also documents or a laptop. Not to mention the cosmetic bag, keys, small snack and dozens of other little things.

Spacious structured handbags made of solid material with a longer handle over the shoulder are suitable.

As for the color, you definitely can’t go wrong with the timeless black model. But if you wear brighter and more colorful outfits to work, match them with a handbag in fashionable beige or soft pastel shades.

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Illustration photo, Louis Vuitton

The days of handbags with monograms or giant logos of world brands have long since rung. Better to bet on a minimalist model, which will speak for itself with high-quality workmanship. Moreover, believe that if you reach for a designer handbag, a trained eye will recognize it even without a monogram.

Alternatively, opt for a smaller logo that doesn’t scream in any way, but on the contrary naturally blends in with the handbag.

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Top left: Leather, Marks & Spencer, CZK 2,499. Eco leather handbag, Wittchen, CZK 2579. Small handbag, Deichmann, CZK 599. Handbag, Maybelka, CZK 2990. Handbag, Hugo Boss (sold by Fashion Arena Prague Outlet), CZK 10,845.

You can choose between “hobo” or “shopper” type handbags, which are really huge and can fit all the aforementioned essentials.

If you can get by with a small handbag, opt for a “top handle” or “crossbody” handbag on the classic hand model, which you can wear across your body and which is therefore suitable, for example, for traveling on public transport when you need to have both hands free.

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Large leather handbag, Folbeur, CZK 15,700

What to pay attention to when choosing?

In order for your handbag to last as long as possible, it is important that it is well made. While in the past it was true that timeless handbags were only made of leather, today manufacturers are also coming up with high-quality eco-leather, which is more affordable and also durable.

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The lining is also an important parameter, because it protects the inner part of the handbag, in addition, it often contains various pockets, thanks to which the handbag is more organized.

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Top left: H&M, CZK 599. Deichmann, 499 CZK. Gino Rossi (sold by CCC), 3199 CZK. Gino Rossi (sold by CCC), 2599 CZK. Matt & Nat (sold by Urbanlux), CZK 3,890. H&M, 899 CZK

Also important are the edges of the handbag, which should be firmly sewn, and not glued, typically with black plastic adhesive. This has a tendency to crack over time. It is most often visible on the handles of the handbag.

Also pay attention to metal components. These should be heavy and sturdy. If it’s just sprayed plastic, hands off.

Photo: company archive

Small leather handbag, Folbeur, 6500 CZK

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Photo: company archive

Handbag in the color of the year Very Peri, Patrick Poppet, 4900 CZK

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